The Zulu Kingdomball was a countryball. He is one of the few countryballs to defeat the UK-icon UKball with his impi.


Zulu Kingdom-icon Zulu Kingdomball was born as an 8ball when Shaka Zulu conquered almost all of his neighboring countryballs In 1816. He battled boers and won they weren't actually boars though. But he was finally killed by UK-icon UKball in 1897 but not before he kicked UK-icon UKball's butt.


  • UK-icon UKball - Yuo killed me but I defeated yuo with spears and shield while yuo had guns yuo is evil! REMOVE TEA!!!!!
  • Orange Free State-icon Orange Free Stateball - Yuo are also an European who tried to defeat me with guns but failed and why yuo call yuor self Boers you idiots
  • Scotland-icon Scotlandball - I like yuo we both hate UK-icon UKball but yuo are just another European with gun!
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