Zoroastrianismball (also known as Zarathustraismball, Mazdaismball, Magianismball), is a religionball founded by the Prophet Zarathuštra in Persiaball during the VI century BC. It was a state religion of Persiaball's dynasties from Achaemenidball till Sassanidball. He still exists in some regions but was nearly eliminated by Islamball. No one can convert to him, they must be born to it.

Some people say that he influenced the three principal religions (Judaismcube, Christianityball, Islamball).

His main god is Ahura Mazda, a creative deity, who is opposed to Ahriman, a god of evil and destruction.


  • Israel-icon Judaismcube - I think I know yuo? Ah ... I helped you to escape from the city of Babylon.

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