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Yemenball is a country in the Middle East. Yemenball is often suffering because it is one of the poorest countries in the world and it's the poorest country in the middle east. It also faces issues of poverty, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, child brides and it is predicted to be the first countryball whose capital will run out of water. As a result, it is often sad and dejected, but attempts to keep faith in Allah. Yemenball gets nearly all of its money from oil. Yemenball has clay disputes with Eritreaball and Djiboutiball. Yemenball has been kicked out of his clay by Houthiball. Saudi Arabiaball and his friends are bombing the Houthiball's clay to give it back to Yemenball..He is in civil war. Sana'aball isn't Yemen's...

How to draw Edit

Draw Yemenball is almost like German Empireball/Reichtangle:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes
  2. Color the stripes of this red, white and black
  3. Draw eyes and you have finished

Friends Edit

Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball - Protect me from Iran

USA-icon USAball - Protect me from Iran! Is of good friend of Saudi so why not? HEY! Why of yuo bannings me?! I no kill anybody in US soil! Oh, wait, the ban is al-gone, yay!

UAE-icon UAEball - Teach me how you are so rich!

Enemies Edit

Iran-icon Iranball - Stop supporting those terrorists known as Houthi

Houthi-icon Houthiball - Terrorist!

Gallery Edit

Yemen-icon ƃɐ┴ uǝʇnפ Yemen Yemen-icon
Governorates Yemen-icon (division) 'AmranballYemen-icon (division) Al BaydaballYemen-icon (division) Al HudaydahballYemen-icon (division) Al JawfballYemen-icon (division) Al MahwitballYemen-icon (division) Amanat Al AsimahballYemen-icon (division) DhamarballYemen-icon (division) HajjahballYemen-icon (division) IbbballYemen-icon (division) Ma'ribballYemen-icon (division) RaymahballYemen-icon (division) Sa'dahballYemen-icon (division) Sana'a Governorateball (Yemen-icon (division) Sana'aball) • Yemen-icon (division) TaizballYemen-icon (division) Aden Governorateball (Yemen-icon (division) Adenball) • Yemen-icon (division) AbyanballYemen-icon (division) DhaleballYemen-icon (division) Al MahrahballYemen-icon (division) HadramautballYemen-icon (division) SocotraballYemen-icon (division) LahijballYemen-icon (division) Shabwahball
Historical entities Middle-east-4ball-icon Native YemeniKingdom of Saba-icon Kingdom of SababallKingdom of Hadramawt-icon Kingdom of HadramawtballMiddle-east-4ball-icon Kingdom of AwsanballMiddle-east-4ball-icon Kingdom of QatabanballKingdom of Ma'in-icon Kingdom of Ma'inballHimyarite Kingdom-icon Himyarite KingdomballKingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of AksumballSassanid-icon SassanidballAbbasid-icon RashidunballUmayyad-icon UmayyadballAbbasid-icon AbbasidballZiyadid-icon ZiyadidballNajahid-icon NajahidballSulayhid-icon SulayhidballMahdid-icon MahdidballAyyubid-icon AyyubidballRasulid-icon RasulidballTahirid-icon TahiridballOttoman-icon Yemen EyaletballRassids-icon RassidsballAden Protectorate-icon Aden ProtectorateballSultanate of Lahej-icon Sultanate of LahejballOttoman-icon Yemen VilayetballBritish South Arabia-icon British South ArabiaballKingdom of Yemen-icon Kingdom of YemenballNorth Yemen-icon North YemenballSouth Yemen-icon South Yemenball
Islam-icon Ummah - Land of Almighty Allah Islam-icon
Denominations Ibadi-icon IbadiballShia-icon Shiaball (Alevism-icon Alevismball) • Sunni-icon Sunniball (Salafism-icon Salafismball)
Countries Afghan-icon AfghanistanballAlbania-icon AlbaniaballAlgeria-icon AlgeriaballAzerbaijan-icon AzerbaijanballBahrain-icon BahrainballBangladesh-icon BangladeshballBosnia-icon Bosnia and HerzegovinaballBrunei-icon BruneiballBurkina Faso-icon Burkina FasoballChad-icon ChadballComoros-icon ComorosballDjibouti-icon DjiboutiballEgypt-icon EgyptballGambia-icon GambiaballGuinea-icon GuineaballIndonesia-icon IndonesiaballIran-icon IranballIraq-icon IraqballJordan-icon JordanballKazakhstan-icon KazakhbrickKosovo-icon KosovoballKurdistan-icon Kurdistanball (East Kurdistan-icon Iranian / North Kurdistan-icon Turkish / West Kurdistan-icon Syrian) • Kuwait-icon KuwaitballKyrgyz-icon KyrgyzstanballLebanon-icon LebanonballLibya-icon LibyaballMalaysia-icon MalaysiaballMaldives-icon MaldivesballMali-icon MaliballMauritania-icon MauritaniaballMorocco-icon MoroccoballNiger-icon NigerballNorthern Cyprus-icon Northern CyprusballOman-icon OmanballPakistan-icon PakistanballPalestine-icon PalestineballPuntland-icon PuntlandballQatar-icon QatarballSaudi Arabia-icon Saudi ArabiaballSenegal-icon SenegalballSierra Leone-icon Sierra LeoneballSomalia-icon SomaliaballSomaliland-icon SomalilandballSudan-icon SudanballEU-icon EUballSyria-icon SyriaballTajik-icon TajikistanballTunisia-icon TunisiaballTurkey-icon TurkeyballTurkmen-icon TurkmenistanballUzbek-icon UzbekistanballUAE-icon UAEballWestern Sahara-icon Western SaharaballYemen-icon Yemenball
Jewish Issac Jacob Kebab in Denial Israel-icon Israelcube
Muslim Organization-icon Organizations Muslim Organization-icon Arab League-icon Arab LeagueballOIC-icon OICballArab Maghreb Union-icon Arab Maghreb Unionball
Jihad-icon Jihads Jihad-icon Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball (Al-Nusra-icon Al-Nusraball)ISIS-icon ISISball (Boko Haram-icon Boko Haramball) • Taliban-icon TalibanballTaliban-icon Jabhat Fateh al-ShamballHezbollah-icon HezbollahballHamas-icon Hamasball
!!أوربا ستكون إسلامية قريباً

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