Xiongnuball or Hunball is a nomadball know for war with SPQRball. He was known to the Dynastic Chinaball as Xiongnuball.


Xiongnuball evolved from a 1ball in BD 1200. He become a big empire that conquered a lot of the Eurasia, but he died in 469 of his wounds after fighting in the Battle of Bassianae against Ostrogothsball.

However we regained our power to the west because of our leader Attila the Hun who weakened the Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire. We were eventually killed because of some sort of plaugue that wiped us out.

How to draw

Xiongnuball hasn't a real flag. So, there's this unofficial flag:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this yellow
  2. Draw a lighter yellow dragon, seeing to left (with a black border)
  3. Draw slant-eyes and you've finished.



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