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Westchesterball is the first ever "Countyball", representing Westchester County in New York.

Who is he?Edit

Westchesterball is urban, suburban, and rural at the same time. This causes a conflict where some people think that he can into upstate, where others believe he cannot into upstate. He is one of the most relevant counties in New York besides Albany, NYC, and other cities. Mostly a Democratic county. A part of him wants to secede from New York, but another part of him wants to stay.



  • "We are not upstate"
  • "We are upstate"
  • "God damnit. Traffic on 287 again"
  • "HUDSON VALLEY STRONK!" (together with Rocklandball (no, not the one in Florida), Puntamball, Dutchessball, OCball, Ulsterball (no, not that Norn Iron guy), GreenCountyball, Columbiaball (no, not D.C.) and Sullivanball)
  • "Yes Hudson Valley Stronk!"
  • "mmmmm. Chicken Wings from Candlelight."
  • "Fuck Common Core!"


  • Wings
  • Guns
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Country music
  • Beer
  • Money


  • Kale
  • Albany (Nazis!!!)
  • NYC (Soda Nazis!!!)
  • California (DIE)
  • Connecticut (just... why the hell does this place even exist...)
  • Common Core Curriculum
  • Yonkers and White Plains fighting to be the most important

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