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"Ich bin nicht of Nazi, du schweinhunds!" -Wehrmachtball

Wehrmachtball is a powerful, German militaryball that was created from Nazi Germanyball. Wehrmachtball has four brothers that served the Führer during the Nazi reign; SSball, Luftwaffeball, Kriegsmarineball, Luftwaffeball, and PanzerLehrball.

Before he was powerful before the war, his father, Reichwehrball, was weak due to the First World War. When Nazi Germanyball rose, he was of ANSCHLUSS!!! He was remembered as the strongest military ball during World War 2.

Relationships Edit

Personality Edit

Wehrmachtball is usually a stronk, German militaryball that fights for the Führer. He can into removings Jewcubes and communism, especially under hostile situations. If of provoked, he will go into ANSCHLUSS mode, which will get getötet in his path. Soviet Unionball knows that his weakness is der Winter because of Сталинград. After he died in 1946, his son, Bundeswehrball, took his place AND WAS STRONK THAN HIS VATER!!! (Well, nicht really...)


Wehrmachtkugel's Facebook

Deutsch Hell March

Gallery Edit


Blitzkrieg mit den Jungs!

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