Wallachiaball was an historical region in the Eastern Balkans. Its most important city was Bucharestball, the present capital of Romaniaball.


He is considered to be very brutal and evil. Friendly looking at first, most countryballs have a surprise finding him impaling Ottomanball, but everything seems legit from his point of view.



His origins are of Daciaball and SPQRball, he was formed in 1310 by Basarab I with support from Kingdom of Hungaryball, but revolted against Kingdom of Hungaryball in 1330 and Wallachiaball became independent after the battle of Posada where 10.000 poorly armed Romanian peasants defeated 30.000 well equipped Hungarian soldiers.

He was a stronk kebab remover throughout middle ages. His most notorious ruler was Vlad the Impaler (He was Romanian born in Transylvaniaball but heir to Wallachiaball) who used to impale kebab because why not.

In Romanian "Ai luat ţeapă" means "You've been fooled" but is translated literally into "You took a spike".

In 17th century he came to be dominated by kebab and things started to go downhill.

In 1859, he united with Moldaviaball to form the United Principalities-icon United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldaviaball, later becoming Romaniaball.



  • Ottomanball is the first enemy of Wallachiaball, they are afraid of Vlad Tepes III and the forests of Wallachia, because the Wallachian troops used to do ambushes and remove all kebabs, and then skewering them like...well...kebabs.
  • Hungaryball is also another enemy, who controlled them, also who sent Basarb I to create her. And who also created Transylvaniaball, which caused much tension because of Hungarian culture.


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