Vranjeball is a city in Southern Serbia with special dialect with only 2 cases (from 7 in standard Serbian).



Hates fez once, but NOT KEBAB! Fez is a part of Vranje national costume. Third Serbian cityball (after Belgradeball and Presevoball). Their biggest enemy is Bulgariaball, that occupied Vranje twice (1915-1918 and 1941-1944) and Bulgarian soldiers killed and torture a lot people in Southern Serbia.


Vranjeball was born in 1093 from Byzantineball. At 1207, Serbiaball conquered Vranjeball.

In 1455, Ottomanball conquered and keeped Vranjeball till 1878, when Serbiaball liberated Vranjeball from Ottomanball.

During world wars, Bulgariaball conquered and lost Vranjeball twice.



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