Veniceball is an Italian city in Veneto-icon Venetoball. He's rich and famous for his unique cityscape which consists of water canals and gondolas. Just like the rest of Italy-icon Italyball, he likes pasta.


Veniceball was founded by Western Roman Empire-icon Western Roman Empireball in 421 and then later adopted by Kingdom of Odoacer-icon Kingdom of Odoacerball, Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon Ostrogothic Kingdomball, Byzantine-icon Byzantineball and then became independent in 697 as Venice-icon Republic of Veniceball. In 1797 he was invaded by France-icon French First Republicball during the War of the First Coaliation and at the end of the war he partitioned the republic between France-icon himself and Austrian Empire-icon Habsburgball. The city of Venice became part of Austrian Empire-icon Habsburgball but in 1805 France-icon French First Republicball gave it to his client state, Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy-icon Napoleonic Kingdom of Italyball. However in 1814 France-icon French First Republicball was defeated and Venice became a province of Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball (Lombardy-Venetiaball). In 1848 he revolted as Republic of San Marcoball but it failed. Finally in 1866 he joined Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball and later adopted by Italy-icon Italyball.