Uzbek SSRball was Soviet Socialist Republicball in Central Asia.


In 1917, Russian Empireball was overthrown by Sovietball, and then the Southern Area of the Empire (Russian Turkestanball) turned into an autonomous republic, the Turkestan ASSRball.

In 1924, the Turkestan ASSRball was split up , in four SSR (Turkmen SSRball, Uzbek SSRball, Tajik ASSRball, and Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous oblastball.)

In 1942, Sovietball gave guns to his sons including Uzbek SSRball to fight Nazi Germanyball.

During his entire life with his Kazakh buddy, they drained all of their Aral sea, until 1991, when Soviet Unionball died and when Uzbek SSRball bought new clothes and changed his name into Uzbekistanball. Now they blame eachother about the Aral Sea.