Recently, more famous users are banned for inadequate behavior or Fandom underage policies or other reasons. WE NEED TO CHANGE.

This isn't a baby wiki where people come to curse and whine and be like a bunch of 3 year olds. This is a wikia, dedicated by a ever-growing meme, and we are ruining it all. All users should play their role in helping to grow this wikia, not spread negative propaganda or to vandalize.

I do not support the constitution whatsoever, but we have to find a way to make all the new users, and old, happy. 

Old users, be more friendly to new users and just teach them how to do certain things to grow this wiki, like making templates. New users, READ THE RULES and be cooprtative with the old. 

I hate seeing all the old users just wiped away and leaving it all to the new users, who dosen't read the rules, in charge. Admins, please more active. The wikia is just a big stone ready to collapse, and if we are not careful, this whole wikia will tumble down. We have to be more strict in this wikia.

These are my opinions. Thank you.