We need to make Polandball Wiki better, filled with more accurate informations, and of course more active. Here are my ideas for it:

-Restore "Editor of the Month" (With focus for something?) but only for minor users. It will make Wiki more active.

-Make our Facebook alive: Every important blog or thread with "News" category here, will be posted on FB too (As short information about it and with link).

-On Main Page, Post only our, original comics (From Polandvision and other competitions).

-Let's promote here some unknown PB animators and mappers (For example, Gitu is user of our Wiki) by doing a special blog posts about them.

-Add more informations about meme community (Redditors, users from other communities, games, etc.).

-More informations on important (modern and historical) countryballs pages.

-Let's promote our collection of icons. It's much bigger that you can find on r/polandball.

-Make our YT channel alive (Let's Plays from PB games, mods about PB, promoting animators).

UPDATE: Your ideas:

-CSS/JS technician (Promote KurwaAntics?)

-Make use of Template:Featured

-Promote new admin.

-replace the forum, blogs and article comments with discussions.

-Promote mappers too.

Post your ideas in the comments.