Okay so first let's start off with the Advice; which is a list of good Polandball drawing sites and apps:

  • Sketchpad, you can download this app in chrome
  •  Drawpad, you can access this app on the internet there is a flaw*
  • YouiDraw, YouiPaint, this app is great for beginners and experts it has a wide variety of styles to go with it

overall Sketchpad 4.1  is the best, I make all my new comics and drawings on this amazing app/site

if you have a good site/app for drawing Poland-icon Polandball (meme) comment it below!

Now time for the question, (not really a question btw)

can one of you exchange your Gmail w/ me and Send me a link to Paint.NET in an email. because I am having trouble finding it with large complications I should not go into... 

-Samoa-icon Iminlovewithpolandball :)

  • the flaw does include your drawings from the app not being recognised as images on Polandball Wiki.

Now for a little question: do you have a pb Instagram acc? if so tell me its name (I will reply if I already know and follow you!)

Anyways Hope You have a GREAT day!