If you are under 13 we HIGHLY recommend you do not create an account.

There have been problems with users accounts disabled in the past which lead to them making alt accounts which also got disabled and it's just very confusing and annoying.

Being under 13 and creating an account is against the Fandom/Wikia terms of service. We (the moderators) have nothing to do with this and we can't help you.

We do not endorse people lying about their age and breaking the terms of service but we don't want to lose existing ones either (especially people who contributed regularly and helped the wiki grow). As such we will not report you, but this doesn't mean other users can't.

Even if you are 13 or older I highly suggest you don't mention your age either (unless you are above 18 or you are confident it's ok to share it. Same goes for other private info such as the city you live in. Some things you may not want to post no matter how old you are (full name, IP, street adress, etc.)

Again, do NOT break the Wikia's Terms of Service intentionally or your account can be blocked permanently and we can do nothing about it.

Stay safe y'all and have fun.