Here below there's a copy of this Wiki's constitution proposed by Mysterious-icon Italian Mysterious Contributor. This is a basic set of rule which should not be subject to changes. Rules of Polandball Wiki:Rules still apply. The voting system of Democracy system.png still applies.

Votation starts at 0:00 GMT of the 15th of April 2017 and will end 72 hours after. You can only vote using either {{Agree}} or {{Disagree}}. Alts and unregistered users can't vote. The two admins won't vote to avoid influencing other people's votes. No other comments should be written. You can't change your vote, so choose wisely.


  • If you are going to vote with {{Neutral}}, your vote doesn't count.
  • Sockpuppets snd Unregistred users can't vote
  • Your account must also be at least 2 days old, otherwise you may not vote