As is going to happen in the last weeks, Polandball Wiki-icon-large Polandball Wikia is undergoing many political clashes and controversy between Trump Supporters and Trump Haters due to the Donald Trump-icon new US President election.
The Wikia is beginning to suffer many Drama in the section of USA-icon USAball page because this reason's fault.

So, Me Antonio-icon and Bain-icon BainTheCool decided to lockout Wikia's comment section for 10 days, anyway, Wikia's administrators had already planning to lockout them for a bit, but gave to you another chance; there are also many nationalist Drama in some pages like Turkey-icon Turkeyball, Armenian Genocide, Israel-icon Israelcube or several Balkan countries, after what has happened in 'last week you have exceeded the limit of Drama.

To Everyone: Please do not insult users just because they have a differen Political thought / Sexual orientation / Religious belief etc. different from yours, we want a Pacifist Wikia without Drama, Thanks.

P.s. For those Who don't remember Wikia's Rules, read here.