Urukball was a ancient cityball in Sumerball. It can the of center of culture, religion and architecture. He could into farms, harvests and water thanks to Euphrates river.


Urukball came into existence when he was a group of small villages in the 4th millennium BC in the Uruk period in the Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age.

Urukball was of major city in Sumerball, and in the 29th century BC it had 80,000 Sumerball living inside the walls. But when Sumerball was of kill Babyloniaball and Elamball rose to power Urukball was nearly destroyed, when Achaemenidball and Seleucidball rose Urukball remained stronk.

But when Islamball invaded, Urukball was completly destroyed until UKball re-discovered him in 1849.

How to draw

All the ancient Middle Eastern countries are based on Sumerball:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this colour
  2. Add two horizontal purple stripes frimbriated of green
  3. Draw the cuneiform script for Uruk in the centre using black
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.