"Esta vieja es peor que el tuerto"
— Former President Jose Mujica (on how he "accidentally" dissed Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, not knowing his microphone was still on)

Uruguayball, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguayball, is a sovereign state and unitary republic in South America. His clay is mainly bordered by Brazil-icon Brazilball to the North, and Argentina-icon Argentinaball to the West. His clay consists of 19 departments as well as his capital, Montevideo-icon Montevideoball. With a total area of 68,037 mi², Uruguay is the 2nd smallest countryballs in South America, and is usually ignored, mainly due to its small size,

Like many other Latin American countries, Uruguay is a member of OAS, as well as having membership in Mercosur.

Uruguay is now renowned as the first countryball that legalised Marijuana. Home of the Sendings-off king himself!

His national day is August 25th and he is also of least corrupt nation in south America.


While Uruguay-icon Uruguay is a friendly country he does not have many friends and is pretty lonely; among his father is Brazil-icon Brazilball, Uruguay-icon Uruguay likes him because he defends him from Argentina-icon Argentina and Chile-icon Chile, also has a friendship with the Netherlands and Jamaica with whom he meets every day to smoke weed.



  • Chile-icon Chileball - Brother, we like UK-icon UKball. But, he eliminated me in the Copa America of 2015 and I made obsequious gestures in the game.