“"Esta vieja es peor que el tuerto" (The old lady is worse than the one eyed man).”
―Pres. Jose Mujica (on how he "accidentally" dissed Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, not knowing his microphone was still on)

Uruguayball is one of the smallest countryballs in South America. Usually ignored, mainly due to its small size, Uruguay is now renowned as the first countryball that legalised Marijuana. Home of the Sendings-off king himself, Luis Suarez!

Uruguayball was the first countryball to host a FIFA World Cup.

Family Relationships

Uruguayball is relative of Argentina-icon Argentinaball and Brazil-icon Brazilball, and for this reason, the 3 have a similar dialects. He had lived with Argentina-icon Argentinaball and Brazil-icon Brazilball for a long time until UK-icon UKball convinced him that was the time to leave the couch of his brothers and become an independent country. Currently, he is a neighbour of Argentina-icon Argentinaball and Brazil-icon Brazilball. UK-icon UKball is considered by Uruguay-icon Uruguay as part of his family as this helped his birth and helped him become independent.

Uruguay-icon Uruguay considers himself 'white', alongside with Argentina-icon Argentinaball.

Friendly relations

While Uruguay-icon Uruguay is a friendly country he does not have many friends and is pretty lonely; among his friends is Brazil-icon Brazilball, Uruguay-icon Uruguay likes him because he defends him from Argentina-icon Argentina and Chile-icon Chile, also has a friendship with the Netherlands and Jamaica with whom he meets every day to smoke weed.



  • Chile-icon Chileball - Brother, we like UK-icon UKball. But, he eliminated me in the Copa America of 2015 and I made obsequious gestures in the game.



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