Uranusball is a planetball of the solar system. He was hit by a big celestial body long ago, so he is now sideways. He is not too happy about it either. Sometimes he cries because all planets criticize his name of being ''uranus'' which sounds similiar to ''Your anus'' actually he actually is an anus actually he isnt a real anus, but just a ice giant that orbits the sun... 

He and Neptuneball were the other way around but the dance of Jupiterball and Saturnball made them swap places. 



his moons

Neptune-icon Neptuneball - brothers

Jupiter-icon Jupiterball - Just like me, stop calling him ugly he can rip you in half idiots


Earth-icon Earthball - stop making Uranus jokes or I will Anschluss you.

Venus-icon Venusball - earth's sister, why can't balls make fun of her? she's hot right? hellish place? get it?

Saturn-icon Saturnball - stop calling me thin-ringed

How to draw

  • Draw an Anus turquoise-blue sphere.
  • Draw gray rings around it vertically.
  • Draw the eyes on the left side, and you're finished.


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