Umayyadball ruled most of what is today Spain and Portugal, as well as a small part of present-day France.

It was a big Caliphate that conquered a lot of lands, and reigned in the region of Al-Andalus. It was first created in the 7th Century A.D. and invaded Algeria and Morocco. Then he invaded the Byzantine Empire followed by more of Central Asia. He thought he could invade France. In 750, the Abbasids beat him up and made his run all the way to Hispanic territories. The Visigoths had retreated to Northern Hispania, leaving the remaining Hispanic land to the Umayyadball. After a period known as 'Reconquista', Umayyadball transformed into Emirate of Granadaball, and was killed by Kingdom of Castileball, now Spainball, in 1492 A.D.


  • Abbasid-icon Abbasidball - STOP REBBELING!!!
  • Abbasid-icon Abu Muslim - My ungratefull general who rebbeled me to establish Abbasid.
  • Franks-icon Franksball - Never forget battle of Tours!
  • Sassanid-icon Dabuyidball - Little Majusi (Zoroastrian) neighbour.

How to draw

Umayyadball easiest countryball to draw:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


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