Ugandaball is a countryball in Africa. He is well known for removings homosex and hunts for them with Russia-icon Russiaball.

Also is the meme king of Africa. Take that Chad-icon Chadball!!!!!


Before Jesus Christ born, Uganda were a 8-icon native of not-very-tall peoples. He also became Bantu-icon Bantuball before the birth of Jesus.

In XV century, he discovered how into kingdom and in XIX century Islam-icon Arabballs tried to capture him for slavery. That's how Ugandaball is a bit kebab like Dagestan-icon Dagestanball.

Meanwhile, UK-icon UKball discovered where the Nile river flows from and colonized the area encompassing him at around 1864.

In 1962, Ugandaball become independent as a kingdom, later, it become a dictatorship. Israel-icon Israelcube invaded Entebbe airport, and only in 1995 did Ugandaball became a decent country.

Ugandaball is still a remover of LGBT-icon da poo poo sodomites, and is actually so poor that $1 USD is equivalent to 3,200 Ugandan Shillings. Such is life in da glorious homosex remover clay.

Nowadays, Ugandaball is known for his low budget Wakaliwood movies made with a less than $200 budget and memes about Knuckles the Echidna.


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