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“America F**k Yeah!”
―Team America: World Police
“Stars and Stripes beats Hammer and Sickle! Look it up commie!”
―Soldier (Team Fortress 2)
USA-icon USAball (also known as AmericaballUSball, or 'Murica) is a countryball located in North America or the American Continent. He is a very commonly-used countryball character in Poland-icon Polandball. He can be considered a main character for his frequent use.

USA-icon USAball is portrayed as very arrogant and lazy. Sometimes, he is portrayed as a blob, in reference to the stereotype that Americans are all fat and lazy. He is also sometimes portrayed as very cared for, admired, and powerful, which he then rubs in the face of commies. He has tested the most nukes and is currently the richest country on Earth, but not for long xixixixi. As of now, USAball and all of his states have legalized same-sex marriage soon weed and prostitution... and because of this conservative countryballs (mainly Iranball) hates him. He is often portrayed as irrational because other balls are not knowledgeable of how his freedom/democracy works.

Many countryballs believes that USAball is obsessed with wars, because USAball is always at war. In fact they make bets or jokes of what countryball USAball will declare war when USAball is in peace times (which are very rare... because USAball is always at war).

USAball is a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball. In fact he have the largest economy in the world.


Early Colonial History (1513.-1754.)

Before USAball was born, his clay was owned by 7-icon 7ball (Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball) and 3-icon 3ball (Texas-icon Texasball, Alaska-icon Alaskaball), who lived in peace until 1492, when Genoaball landed in the West Indies. In 1513, Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball landed in Florida, and was followed shortly by Kingdom of France-icon Franceball and England-icon Englandball, who established settlements on the East Coast of North America in the later 16th century. England-icon Englandball's Roanoke colony is famous for having disappeared in 1585.

By the mid-1600s, North America had been settled by European balls, with Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball in Mexico-icon Mexicoball's future clay, Central America and the future clays of the American states of Florida-icon Floridaball, Texas-icon Texasball, Colorado-iconColoradoball, California-icon Californiaball, Nevada-icon Nevadaball , NewMexico-icon New Mexicoball and Utah-icon Utahball. At same time Kingdom of France-icon Franceball claimed the Louisiana-icon Louisianaball Territory and Canada-iconCanadaball's future clay, and UK-icon UKball claimed the East coast.

England-icon Englandball's son, ColAmerica-icon Colonial Americaball was influenced by his father's Protestantism which was picked up by him in 1620. He lived through his father's Commonwealth phase (1649-1660) and eventually fought wars on his behalf with French Canada-icon New Franceball (future Quebec-icon Quebecball) in the later part of the 17th century, such as King William's War and Queen Anne's War in Canada-icon Canadaball's future clay. In 1692, ColAmerica-icon Colonial USAball held the remarkable Salem Witch Trials, but moved on from that nonsense, and by 1735 he was UK-icon UKball's richest and most successful colony, through the slave trade of 8-icon 8balls.

Independence! (1754-1789)

In 1754, Kingdom of France-icon Franceball fought UK-icon UKball in the Seven Years' War, and ColAmerica-icon Colonial Americaball was involved on behalf of his father. He fought Kingdom of France-icon Franceball's son French Canada-icon New Franceball again, and when they won in 1763, French Canada-icon New Franceball was forcibly adopted by UK-icon UKball, who had to raise taxes from ColAmerica-icon Colonial Americaball to cover his expenses, as well as pay for the Seven Years' War. These tax hikes included the 1763 Stamp Act, and indirectly the 1766 Quartering Act, which ColAmerica-icon Colonial USAball called the 'Intolerable Acts', despite both being repealed. Things came to a head in 1770 after the Boston Massacre, and when ColAmerica-icon Colonial USAball recieved a tea tax from UK-iconUKball, he rebelled and threw all of UKball's tea into Boston harbour in 1773. This resulted in tensions rising between father and son, until they erupted in 1775 at Lexington and Concord.

In 1776, ColAmerica-icon Colonial USAball declared his independence and renamed himself USA-icon USAball, but was being beaten by UK-icon UKball in the Revolutionary War of American Independence. The young America had trouble finding friends at first (except for some Kingdom of Morocco-icon nice pirates), and continued struggling in the war for about a year or so. Eventually, UK-icon UKball was defeated at Saratoga in 1777, causing Kingdom of France-icon Franceball to directly start supporting USAball, along with Dutch Republicball and Spanish-Empire-icon Spainball, to a lesser extent. In 1781, UK-icon UKball was cornerd at


Yorktown by USAball and Kingdom of France-icon Franceball, forcing him to surrender and give USAball his independence in 1783. He was so angry at this he refused to sit for the picture of the Treaty of Paris which gave USAball his independence formally. USAball spent the next few years trying to establish himself as a nation, and became a republic rather than a monarchy, like all UK-icon his father's friends, staying the only republican ball in the world until the bankrupt Kingdom of France-icon Franceball had a change of personality in 1789.

The Early Years (1789-1825)

In the 1790s, USAball was independent, but financially and economically crippled, as he tried to establish ties with continental European balls. He started making his coins in 1792, and by 1796, he had started exploring and colonising the land as far as the Ohio territory. In 1800, he started to design his new capital city, Washington D.C., and in 1803, France-icon Franceball sold him the Louisiana territory for 15 million US dollars, doubling the size of his clay. In 1809 however, after run ins with the Barbary pirates and UK-icon UKball's navy, USAball's diplomatic skills were put to the test, and in 1812, after an attemped invasion of his brother British America-icon British North Americaball (future Canada-icon Canadaball), UK-icon UKball invaded, and helped burn down USAball's White House in 1814. The War of 1812 ended in 1815 with ties established between father and son. USAball then wrote the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 to prevent another such invasion, after inventing the steamship in 1817.

Manifest Destiny, and Civil War (1825-1865)

In the 1830s, USAball started to remove 7-icon 7balls from his clay by displacing them westwards, and in 1833 the 7-icon 7balls embarked on the famous Trail of Tears. However, USAball felt obligated to manifest destiny, and set off in a wagon to explore the Midwest in the 1840s. He won a war against Mexico-icon Mexicoball in 1846, adopting his rebellious son Texas-icon Texasball and discovered gold in California-iconCaliforniaball's clay in 1848-49. This led to the California Gold Rush, and in 1853 he purchased some land from Mexicoball with that gold. The same year he opened up Tokugawa-icon Japanball to trade. In 1840 he held set Liberia-icon Liberiaball free, after sending some of his 8-icon 8ball slaves there in 1822, as well as having secured his North-Eastern border with UKball via the 1842 Webster-Abshruton Treaty.

USAball now touching every body of water near him started to fill-out, as at this point USAball was still pretty lean, and make himself at home on his new clay. As he was filling out he had some growing pains, and some of his stateballs started to fight over their self-severity, as USAball was a pretty chill parent. The main argument, of self sovrenty, that the stateballs had was over slavery, which USAball left alone because he did really didn’t have a strong opinion of 8-icon 8balls or any slaves at the time, because he just grew-up with slavery as a norm. So holding to his neutrality he let the new states choose to allow or disallow slaves when they joined, but once they did they were pretty much left that way to keep a balance. This lead to the Mason-Dixon agreement, and the Missouri Compromise. An equal number of slave-owning stateballs and free stateballs would maintain a delicate balance. However, when Kansas-icon Kansasball was formally adopted into the Union, he chose to become a free stateball, upsetting the balance, and causing a crisis in 1856-1857. Missouri-icon Missouriball and the other slave-owning stateballs protested to USAball.

In 1861, the free stateballs and slave-owning stateballs had finally had enough, and the slave-owning Southern stateballs seceded from USAball's clay, forming CSA-iconCSAball. The first shots were exchanged at Fort Sumter in mid-1861, and CSA-icon CSAball intially gained the upper hand against the divided USAball, who eventually struck back at the Battles of Antietam and Shiloh the following year. UK-icon UKball and France-icon Franceball considered helping CSA-iconCSAball briefly, but decided against it. In 1863, USAball proclaimed the 8-icon 8balls in CSA-icon CSAball's clay to be free, after the battle of Gettysburg. This galvanized the northern stateballs and lead to a massive offensive. US Georgia-iconGeorgiaball was forced to bear the weight of the free-stateballs' advance as they marched to the sea through Atlanta in mid-late 1864, and finally CSA-icon CSAball was forced to surrender in 1865, ending the Civil War. USAball introduced Reconstruction to those stateballs who had rebelled, and re-incorporated them into the Union by 1870, he allowed them to create the jim crow laws as a way to appease the racial tension.

The Gilded Age (1865-1917)

After the Civil War, USAball focused on civilising the Wild West, such as building a transcontinental railroad, completed in 1871, and removing the 7-icon 7balls, although this sometimes resulted in USAball's loss, such as at Little Big Horn in 1876. USAball also expanded his clay by purchasing Alaska-icon Alaskaball from Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball for $7.2 million US dollars in 1867, and by the 1880s USAball had vastly improved his economy and status in the world. France-icon Franceball gave him a Statue of Liberty in 1886, and in 1892, USAball held a World's Exposition in Chicago-iconChicagoball, the first of many. In 1896, the Klondike gold Rush sent USAball to Yukon for gold.

Meanwhile, USAball started doing some imperialism of his own. After giving Liberia-icon Liberiaball his de facto independence, he annexed Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball in 1895, and defeated Spain-icon Spainball in the 1898 Spanish-American War, taking Guam-iconGuamball, PuertoRico-icon Puerto Ricoball, United States Cuba-icon Cubaball and United States Philippines-icon Philippinesball. However, the last one gave him some trouble, by trying to become independent, and USAball fought him until 1902, the boy became a loyal son afterwards. USAball was involved in Qing-icon China at the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, and helped build a railroad through Qing-icon Qing Chinaball's clay. USAball also acquired the Guano Islands and American Samoa-iconAmerican Samoaball.

In 1903 USAball invented the plane, then started mass-producing cars in the 1900s and 1910s. The Rust Belt across his clay was a surge of income, and he purchased Danish-West-Indies-icon Danish West Indiesball in 1916, and renamed him VirginIslands-icon United States Virgin Islandsball. He tried to stay neutral and isolated in world politics, but in 1906 he helped orchestrate the Treaty of Portsmouth, to end the Russo-Japanese War, and despite the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania, he refrained from fighting with ReichTime Reichtangle until the Zimmermann Telegram was discovered in 1917. Around this time, USAball was having trouble with Mexico-icon Mexicoball's rebels, and also building a canal through Panama-icon Panamaball's clay.

The Roaring 20's, the Depression, and another War (1917-1949)

After USAball helped the Allies win World War I in 1918 at the Meuse-Argonne offensive, he helped write the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference, imposing heavy reparations on Germany-icon Germanyball, but also giving him loans such as the Dawes Plan in 1924 and the Young Plan a few years later. In 1920, USAball banned alcohol from his clay, but continued to consume it secretly. Throughout the 1920s, USAball had a boom era, with him becoming a creditor nation, and invented things such as flappers and the Charleston. He even flew solo across the Atlantic in 1927.

In 1929, however, his stocks dropped sharply in the Wall Street Crash, and the Great Depression began around the world as he called back all his debts immediately, and USAball's banks and gold standard failed by 1932. In 1933, however, he started to embark on the New Deal, and his economy steadily began to improve, as he stopped Prohibition and moved his sons Oklahoma-icon Oklahomaball and Nebraska-icon Nebraskaball away from the Dust Bowl. USAball started to develop a policy of isolationism in the later 1930s in response to the rise of fascism in Europe and East Asia. He embargoed Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball after he raped Taiwan-icon Chinaball in 1937, and gave aid to UK-icon UKball and Free France-icon Franceball in 1940, to fight Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, but that was it, until Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball attacked Pearl Harbour in December 1941, and USAball entered the war.

In 1942-43, USAball supplied aid to Soviet-icon USSRball, and landed in North Africa in Operation Torch. He fought Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball at Saipan, Guam and Guandacanal, and then liberated Philippinesball in 1945, after Iwo Jima and Okinawa were captured. He then helped land at Normandy in D-Day, and also in Operation Dragoon in the south of Vichy France-icon Franceball's clay, and liberated Italian-Empire-icon Italyball. By April 1945, USAball and Soviet-icon Sovietball were in Berlin, and divided Nazi Germanyball's clay up after he committed suicide. They each adopted one of his children, with USAball adopting Germany-icon West Germanyball in 1948, and supplying him by air. Meanwhile, USAball used his atomic bombs on Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball's cities, forcing him to surrender, and ending World War II. USAball then offered Marshall Aid to all Western Europe countryballs affected by the war. However, a new Cold War was looming between himself and the communist Soviet-icon Sovietball. Commonwealth of the Philippines-icon Philippinesball became independent by the way.

Cold War, Arms Race, Space Race and Civil Rights (1949-1999)

In 1950, USAball became involved in Korea, supporting South Korea-icon South Koreaball against his North Korea-icon communist brother. He had the help of newly communist China-icon Chinaball, and USAball brought in NATO-icon NATO members, and UN-icon UNball, born in 1945 to help him. USAball also had to give his 8-icon 8balls rights, in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1962, his traitorous son Cuba-icon Cubaball started to hold Soviet-icon Sovietball's nuclear weapons, which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, narrowly averting global thermonuclear war. In 1964, after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, USAball became involved in Vietnam, against Vietnam-icon North Vietnamball. He was accused of committing war crimes, such as the 1968 My Lai massacre, and was ultimately forced to pull out of Vietnam in 1973, leading to South Vietnam-icon South Vietnamball's eventual collapse in 1975. USAball also had a space race between himself and Sovietball, who took off running, but was beaten when USAball orbited around the world in 1962, then landed on the Moon in 1969. WMDs (Weapon of mass destruction) were of concern in the 1960s, and USAball protested against them in his Summer of Love hippy movement.

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USAball with the Vietnam War and counterculture of 1960s syndrome.

In the 1970s, detente reigned, with the 1972 SALT I agreements being signed, to limit the production of WMDs, which had destroyed Bikini Atoll in 1946. In 1974, meanwhile, USAball had some scandal around Watergate, then but in 1979, Soviet-icon Sovietball invaded Afghan-iconAfghanistanball's clay, and USAball led a boycott of his 1980 Moscow Olympics in response. So, Soviet-icon Sovietball led a 1984 boycott of USAball's Los Angeles Olympics, and accidentally shot down a jet liner in 1983. The same year, USAball almost got into a nuclear war with Sovietball twice! USAball and UKball, with frenemy Chinaball and distant friend (yeah right) Pakistanball continued to support the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against Sovietball. In 1987, his economy crashed in Black Monday. However, in 1989, Sovietball effectively lost the Cold War, when the Soviet-iconBulgaria-iconRomania-iconEast Germany-iconHungary-iconPoland-iconCzech-iconAlbania-icon Eastern Bloc was dissolved. USAball said things like 'Ich bin ein Berliner', 'Evil Empire', and ' Tear Down this Wall!'. However, he was then caught up in the Middle East, against Iraq-icon Iraqball in the Gulf Wars of 1991 and 2003. The 90s was also the decade USAball was attacked both directly and indirectly attacked by Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball: First in 1993 during the World Trade Center bombing, the 1996 Khobar Towers attack in Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball and the bombing of USAball's embassies in Kenya-icon Kenyaball and Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball in 1998. USAball tried to kill Al-Qaedaball with cruise missiles in response to the embassy bombings, but failed to do so. In 1999, he helped avoid the Y2K bug, returned the Panama Canal to Panama-icon Panamaball, and celebrated the arrival of the New Millennium in 2000.

Modern Day (2000-present)

The world celebrated with arrival of the New Millennium as all countryballs look forward to a prosperous and hopeful future. Nope, no flying cars nor instantly predicted weather was made but it didn't matter. However, the hope for having a peaceful decade would not last for long...

On September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball destroyed the World Trade Centre's twin towers in NYC-icon New York Cityball and attacked the Pentagon near WashingtonDC-icon DCball, and USAball declared a war on Terror, going into the Middle East and invading Afghan-icon Afghanistanball and Iraq-icon Iraqball. In 2005 USAball Got hit by Hurricane Katrina making it the deadlyist Hurricane to hit USAball ever. USAball has also been busy hunting kebab terrorists such as ISIS-icon ISISball and Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball, who was killed in 2011 while hiding in Pakistan-icon Pakistanball's clay. The same year, USAball and his NATO-icon NATOball allies intervened in Libya-icon Libyaball's multiple personality disorder. USAball has now given same-sex couples rights, and tried to hide his corruption. In 2014, USAball and Cuba-iconCubaball reconciled for the first time in almost 50 years.

Currently, as of 2016, USAball and NATO-icon NATOball are currently engaging ISIS-icon ISISball, ISIS-icon Boko Haramball, remnants of the followers of Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball and Taliban-icon Talibanball in the Middle East. He has also indirectly teamed up with long time rivals like Russia-icon Russiaball in fighting the Turkey-icon kebabs. However it has been said that many of the problems today are the U.S's fault.

His conflicted behavior met a new conclusion and a period of uncertainty. From the 2016 Election, Donald Trump-icon an unexpected winner had shocked the world around him and turned him into a Nazi. It became clear that things are about the change on the global stage.


USAball used to be UK-icon UKball's most rebellious son, and even today this is reflected in his fiercely independent and individualistic attitude symbolized by his cool shades. He is not very bright, showing ignorance of smaller countries and claiming the caucasus as his own, but his strength allows this. Despite being generally more brawn than brains, he has a large and idealistic imagination, allowing him to invent plenty of things that helped him to be able to compete with other countries. He is often depicted as coveting oil very much, to the point of declaring war just for it, however he cares for his friends very much.

  • Unless you insult minorities, and the prime opponents when it comes to insult exchange such as UK-iconUKball (horrible teeth) France-icon Franceball, EU-icon EUball (Socialists) and Japan-icon Japanball (Weeaboo) are also his best friends even when they call him "Obese dumbass." Even his current "arch-rival" China-icon Chinaball is the most major of USAball's trading partners.

USAball is often competitive and likes challenges, which reflects his support for Capitalism, this prompts his aggressive behavior and results in pride in his hardwork that most other countryballs see as "dickish". From being prideful, which results in his large ego, he often regrets his past actions, but would also take literally decades to apologize from any wrongdoing. Despite this, USAball has an outgoing attitude and friendly behavior to other countries that treats him as an ally. From this, he likes to reward other friendly countryballs (and himself) based off of merit; such as giving Japan-icon Japanball back Okinawa-icon Okinawaball for its good behavior, or rewarding Philippines-icon Philippinesball for its loyalty and compensation for Japanese occupation. He also loves to prove other countryballs wrong, such as the World largest Dam (Hoover Dam), World's longest railroad (at the time, Transcontinental Railroad), and actually reaching the moon. He done all this because, as said before he likes challenges (not because it was easy, but because it was hard).

USAball was also adventurous, and loved to explore and learn more about the unknown. This was reflected in his movement in western expansion throughout North America and his interests in space. However, on the other hand, underneath his “ego mask”, USAball can be quite insecure, and like, as said before, he often regrets his past actions.  He can also be very paranoid about things strange to him, such as calling out 3ball for being demons, his fear of communism (which resulted in a commie witchhunt), and, since 9/11, his growing paranoia for terrorism and muslims resulted in heavy surveillance even for what he thought of was his friends and family. His fear for his own life (and way of life) and the stress of responsibility of being one of the world’s leading superpowers could be so bad that he tends to monitor his neighbors for anything suspicious.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, USAball had always have big dreams, as he believed that was the land of opportunity (and he was throughout the 19th and 20th century). He fantasized to become a great nation, and perhaps, even becoming better than his UK-icon father someday and help spread freedoms all over the world. Although, he never expected to become one of the world’s most leading superpowers of his time. Because of this, he had struggled to try to maintain peace in the Western (and sometimes Eastern) worlds, as his neighbors expected him to do so much to help them. Sometimes to the point of using USAball for even their own purposes.

Relevance was not the only thing USAball had struggled with, it was also his individuality. USAball, as insecure as before, always blamed himself for his faults (such as the Great Depression), and desired to try to find new ways to fix his own problems year by year, with varying results. Since the beginning of the 20th century, he had switched from style to style, trying to find what makes him an American, inventing new countercultures such as Jazz of the Harlem Renaissance, Greasers and Beatniks of post-WW2 America, or even Hippies during the Vietnam war, which spread throughout the world.

However, he is experiencing something similar to a Midlife Crisis. USAball is slowly becoming more sensitive to outside judgement, and the holding the burden of most of the world's problems for decades has caused USAball to slowly lose confidence in himself, but also make him easily provocative to act aggressively. However, USAball is showing signs of growing humbleness in the last few years and desires to try to make things right in the ISIS-icon Middle-east and in Europe. However, it turned out from the humbleness of 2012, his conflicted behavior met a new conclusion and a period of uncertainty. From a period of uncertainty, the US does what he does best. He eventually took the path of rebelling against the establishment from all sides. In the end, he turned a new leaf from the 2016 election and elected a new unexpected, radical president... much to the shock from other countryballs around him. From 2016, it is clear that USAball has developed some sort of split-personality disorder. He is also quite resentful by the world around him, however, he plans to change all of that.

Oh, and he wants UK-iconNew Zealand-iconCanada-iconAustralia-icon ALL of his family to come home for holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or his Birthday (July 4th).

Like Canada-icon his brother, his astrological sign is Cancer. The Cancerian traits are those who are 'homey' and a 'nurturing figure' but they are also quite moody. This is actually true as statistic show that almost every American does not stay far away from USAball or his neighbors. The rare case to find an American living in a very far place is usually for work or educational purposes. USAball shows nurturing traits when he shown to be quite protective of his allies (such as Taiwan-icon Taiwanball against China-icon Chinaball). But USAball is also moody as he is typically quite easily provoked when other countryballs says something he dislikes.


Slaves Allies:

Everyone. If you are a countryball, you are a slave ally to America. Don't even try to deny it.

But the more important ones...


Sweden and America

  • Canada-icon Canadaball: We grew up together. We fought together (and each other). My little brother that joins me in my wars although he loves commies a bit too much. Also my neighbor and best friend. (Why everybody loves you? Whats is your secret ?) Wait... he sends me a letter...."No matter what happens ... we're still brothers, and I'm always going to help you, regardless of your choice, my brother."
  • UK-icon UKball: I hated Dad's taxes, causing the revolution.. Yet otherwise today dad considers me to be his PROUDEST, STRONGEST, AND COOLEST son ever. Dad thinks I should use the "correct way" of speaking in English and use the damn liberal commie metric system!
    • England-icon Englandball: Bloody tyrant! 1776 was the best year of my life! (but thanks for your English law, language and organization)
    • Scotland-icon Scotlandball: My uncle with annoying fucking bagpipes! They cannot be independent from my dad. He is still the best uncle ever, nevertheless, he taught me everything I know about FREEDOM !!!!!
    • Wales-icon Walesball: Who the hell are you? My weird brother or somwthin' (Wait... I descended from a dragon? FUCK YEAH!)
  • Ireland-icon Irelandball: My distant bro. I'm, like, 1/32nd Irish!
  • France-icon Franceball: My first ally, despite being a dumb sack of coward cheese. Thanks for financing the revolution!
  • Italy-icon Italyball: Uncle Italy helped me with war money and by being a fellow filmmaker. Also gave them severe mafia disease in their Chicago area. USAball loves his cars (but they own my Chrysler!). They are on this list because they gave us pizza. Our Air Force operates in Aviano and our Navy operates in Naples.
  • Spain-icon Spainball: Beautiful mother that let us use her clay for our Navy in NAS Rota. Dad told me if he had never sunk the Spanish Armada, I would never have been born, because if she defeated my dad in that naval battle she will probably conquer all his clay and he will never colonized my clay ... he always say that naval batte was the hottest battle of his life (wait a second... Dad you was really talking about a naval battle ?). Thanks for giving me my children (stateballs), PuertoRico-icon Puerto Ricoball, Guam-icon Guamball, and Philippines-icon Philippinesball. Gibraltar-icon Gibraltarball is still my father's though. Wait a minute... that sounds a bit wrong....(WTF did I just say? O.o)
    • Gibraltar-icon Gibraltarball: My dad's property with a big rock. He places his Navy there as my navy goes there too. Sorry mom, but looks like you're gonna have to respect him if he wants to remain a British territory.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball: Uncle Germany!!!! Even though their history is complicated, we helped build his economy after we kicked their ass in the war, and now they are a great economy. They like us for that, so they're cool. Also, German is my third language! Well they also created my favorite meal: BURGERS!!!
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball: My favorite son who worships me, he's a good location and a very loyal ally (he is in my top ten allies) for war. He loves me more than his real parent to the point of being the most pro- USA country in the world. But kiddo, you don't have to send my soldiers out of your clay because your salty fucking president brainwashed you. I heard you are starting to have good relations with the Chinese Commies (and even dissing Barrack Obama quite a few times) and started having some great investments but kid, remember this. TRY BECOMING A COMMIE YOURSELF, AND YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN.
  • Poland-icon Polandball: Former commie who's okay now. Also pretty good friends, because we helped tore down that wall. (And that they broke the Enigma code.) Got lot of his people in some of my states.
  • Albania-icon Albaniaball : I help him everytime, give him weapons, and sometimes, 'murican products! we are friends but i still think thats its stupid how he takes credits for my victories, i mean i beated serbia and you didnt.
  • Japan-icon Japanball: Fucked them up so much that they were reduced into crazy robots on LSD (never nuke a country twice) with a fetish for manga porn. Pretty nice except when they try to make nukes, make a strong, scary military, or kill South Korea-icon South Koreaball, China-icon Chinaball, or Russia-icon Russiaball. Also because they let us have Okinawa-icon Sushi Burger clay, as well as Anime, Manga, J-Pop, and all that good Japanese shit! They also make our favorite video games and shit. Don't drop bombs on me.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball: Girlfriend, Like many big countries, we helped rebuild her during WWII. We're cool. We like South Koreaball, and she help us a lot as well. We also have ROK-US joint military training as well. We also helped her during the Korean War.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball: We like them- They're in NATO-icon NATOball. They do seem to be becoming more ultra-Islamic though... They might need some DEMOCRACY! Recently suffered a coup.
  • Colombia-icon Colombiaball: They hated us once; now they really like us, and we kill drug lords together. Hey!!! I love his coffee and the Shakira songs!!!
  • Panama-icon Panamaball: We share money, and cut them in half built a canal for them. We removed Manuel Noriega for you! (Panamaball: 1989 Best Year of my life! Thanks of returning the canal in 2000!). I would love to visit that volcano that shows both the Pacific and the Atlantic.
  • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball: We barely met, but they love us and we helped them in the 1940's. Go Umbrella Revolution! DEMOCRACY! They hate the locusts (barbaric Chinaball tour) that shits in their public places.
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball: Uncle Netherlands!!! We wouldn't exist without them, although they don't get why. He has a weird stash of weed too, but we don't ask about that.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube: MASTER Heh! Our best friends, yup! Never left our side. Master of Kebab Removal. We're definitely not controlled by them, I assure you. THIS IS VERY WEIRD THAT YOU HATE DONALD TRUMP, BUT OK
  • Taiwan-icon ROCball: Better known as Taiwanball. We're allies with them and we sell them weapons, I don't recognize you, but I will help you when Dim Sum will try to attack you.
  • Australia-icon Australiaball: Brother !!!! Oi, chuck a shrimp on the barbie, mate. Aaaaand he still thinks he's a weird animal fetish with a creepy fixation on his neighbor.... we train their sons together (WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH PALAU PUT HIM DOWN YOU IDIOT!! DON'T THROW MY KID OFF A FALL!!! - USAball concerned with Australiaball throwing poor Palau from a waterfall. Palauball: wheeee!) ANZUS Alliance! (He is my 2nd best military ally btw).
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball: Another sibling!!! Oi, put a sheep on the slightly more eastern barbie. And let me park muh nuclear ships in your waters you environmental pirate! Home of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!
  • South Africa-icon South Africaball: We've been good friends ever since we kicked their ass so hard they forgot what racism was. They do support ex-commie Russia, China and Iran though, so... BZZZZZZ (it is annoying like their vuvuzuelas).
  • Kenya-icon Kenyaball: We help them fight Islamic terrorists. Our former president is totally Kenyan! Or maybe not.
  • Djibouti-icon Djiboutiball: He let us use his clay to fight the pirates! However, Franceball, Japanball, and Chinaball have placed their militaries in his clay (Back-off pals, he's mine!).
  • Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball: You want us to buy your oil? Sure thing buddy! And we'll send that fucking money to your dethroned prince. (What do you mean, you're a republic?!)
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball: Formerly one of our best African buddies, but recently went insane. We worry about them sometimes.
  • Brunei-icon Bruneiball: He has oil! Richest friend in SE Asia. Our military trains side-by-side.
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball: We fought North Vietnam together. Now, he is our major- non NATO ally who recently suffered a multiple personality disorder. Better get him to the hospital. We'll take a river taxi. Since they aren't much cars there.
  • Singapore-icon Tringapore: He lets us dock our Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) in his clay. Also very capitalist. Which is good for the soul.
  • India-icon Indiaball: Someone help! He is colonizing me!! Great trading partner! Doesn't like the People's Republic of China-icon Chinko-commiestan, therefore finding solace with us. He's friends with that damn Russia though...which is annoying because they also outsource our jobs.
  • British Indian Ocean Territory-icon British Indian Ocean Territoryball: Another of my father's property with a military base. We placed our Air Force and Navy here to deter against that Iran-icon Iranball. His clay was used when fighting Iraq-iconIraqball during the Persian Gulf War. God dam nations against my wars!
  • Bahamas-icon Bahamasball: Awesome cruise ship destination. Still no agreement on our maritime border though.
  • Cayman Islands-icon Cayman Islandball: A good place for a vacation to get away from stress. He is a tax haven which is good for the soul. I store my money and wealth here.
  • Liberia-icon Liberiaball: So, this one time I had a colony. He is As FREEDOM FUCK YEAH as me because he is my son who is independent. Go bring Freedom to your commie neighbors son.
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball: Yeah, we're pretty decent bros since I killed communism. (I'm still not sure he's not a vampire...)
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball: Alliance since removing commie from premises. But he still kills dolphins.
  • Morocco-icon Moroccoball: Historic alliance. First country to formally recognize us!
  • Cyprus-icon Cyprusball: Hey, a friend of Greece is a friend of mine. Well, half a friend... I don't even know him that well...
    • Akrotiri and Dhekelia-icon Akrotiri and Dhekeliaball: My dad's RAF base in the Mediterranean. My Air Force planes often land there. Sorry Cyprus, it's still going to be my father's sovereign bases.
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball: What? Isn't that, like, part of Russia-icon Russia, or something? ...Wait, you're telling me she's friends with Finnistan?
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball: Even though he's a kebab, he sells us Oil and helped us fight Iraq during the Gulf War.
  • Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball: Oil and major non-NATO ally! We liberated them from fascism!
  • Tunisia-icon Tunisiaball: Recently became my major non-NATO ally! (2015) Recently suffered an attack by ISIS. Don't worry buddy, I'll give those sandniggers FREEDOM!
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball: Look son, I'm sorry I called you a fascist nazi commie asshole and got all fired up about those missiles. We cool? We used to be close.. hmm how about a father and son fishing trip hmm? Your supreme leader guy is dead now too so we can start over, riiiiight?
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball: He used to be a commie, but we're good now, Obama recently lifted sanctions, sorry for Agent Orange as well. Oh and please do not try to do anything funny to my kid alright?
    • South Vietnam-icon South Vietnamball: Historical and long time friend. Fought against those commie northerners! (And lost, but shhh)
  • Cambodia-icon Cambodiaball: Odd friend of mine who suffered several multiple personality disorders. Became normal in 1991 and now our navies train side-by-side. He is still a little mad at me for delivering freedom to him back then in the 70's.
  • Marshall Islands-icon Marshall Islandsball and Micronesia-icon Micronesiaball: Palau's Trust Territory siblings and his adopted children. Became independent in the 80s. Come home guys, papa misses you so much.
  • Chile-icon Chileball: I backed him up in a military coup in 1973. His flag reminds me of my proudest son Texas-iconTexasball. Hope he takes care of Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball. Also, I give him free stay in my land, as he's the only hispanic who is really hardworking.....The rest, STAY AWAY YOU DAMN BEANERS....
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball: Major non-NATO ally of mine in South America. We have a weird friendship because he is still mad at me for supporting my Dad during some war over the Falkland Islands in 1982. I never understand why he wants to be European.
  • Guyana-icon Guyanaball: Best brother, we helped him get rid of drugs. (Sorry about the Kool-Aid.)
  • Peru-icon Peruball: Another latino country that sucks at soccer but is part of NATO though. They also have gold and silver and llamas.
  • Bolivia-icon Boliviaball We give them aid, but they criticize our government policy.
  • Afghan-icon Afghanistanball: Gave him Stinger missiles to fight that commie. Was taken over by Taliban-icon Talibanball before I gave freedom to him and successfully got rid of the Taliban in 2001. It's been a decade, it's time for you to graduate and fight the remaining Taliban, son.
  • Nepal-icon NepalRawr: Ohio-icon OhioRawr's best buddy, for they are both monsters. Despite him looking scary and shit, he is a harmless little buddy unless you piss him off, when he'll turn into a Gurkha and massacre you single handedly. I respect him for that for they are one of the most badass soldiers in the world! I just recently gave him aid when he was knocked out in that earthquake in April 2015.
  • Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball: Sided with me during the Iraq War. Pretty irrelevant now.Used to rule the commies a long time ago; Good job Mongolia!
  • Costa Rica-icon Costa Ricaball: She's the most developed country in Hispano-America! We also filmed Jurassic Park with him.
  • Bermuda-icon Bermudatriangle: One of my dad's territories near me. Also a best friend of Puerto Rico and Florida. They form the Bermuda triangle
  • Greenland-icon Greenlandball: Suicidal Friend. I have an airbase on his clay so I can bomb the SHIT out of the Commies!!! Though I support you as much as Denmark does. Please don't kill yourself. Try to be like Iceland. BTW Canada, Stay out of his clay!!!!
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball: The land of Kardashians! I gave him a nice amount of money to preserve his old churches. A nice number of Armenians live in Glendale, L.A. But has close ties with ex-commie Ivan, which annoys us.
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball: We used to be enemies but now we have good relations, especially because the unexpected and unwanted victory of current president elect Donald Trump. There a lot of Serbs living on my clay which is great, but he will never beat me in basketball.


  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball: Neutral. Helped me beat German Empire-iconNazi-icon Germany during WW1 and WW2. Opponent during Cold War. Somewhat became my Frenemy when he turned on his Gorbachev mode since allowed me to invest McDonald's on his clay. (See also Enemies USSRball)
  • Russia-icon Russiaball: Frenemy when it comes to fighting the muslim terrorists. Still angry with him over the war in Ukraine. Wait a second? Did his president send me a telegram saying that we can become great friends now? This ... is it weird?
  • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball: Used to be my ally against the Soviet Union. With his ISI, we delivered arms to the Afghan rebels during the Soviet-Afghan War. Now, he hates me despite the aid I gave him. He also might have helped Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball. (See also: Enemies -> Pakistanball)
  • China-icon Chinaball: STOP COLONISING MM!! Best trading partner. Our leaders met each other and they became good friends. She is a damn commie, however. ALSO, STOP BULLYING Philippines-icon MY SON.
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball: My delinquent of a son (like me). Used to be annoying but recently, we are becoming better friends. He used to work for Russia for which I was kind of bitter towards him since he left the family. I hate how that Soviet-icon damn commie brainwashed the poor boy. He, Palau, Liberia, Micronesia, Marshall, and Philippines are the only ones who aren't part of my territory anymore. But they will come home to daddy and dad will make sure they will ALWAYS have freedom!
  • Kurdistan-iconKurdistanball: I labelled him a terrorist but now he's allies with me against ISIS. He fights ISIS, like, better than that pussy Iraq. He also has women fighting ISIS, which is the goat fucker's worst nightmare! This dude got my respect. Maybe I'll remove you from the terror list soon.
  • Czech-icon Czechiaball: HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME AT THAT MARATHON! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! Oh wait, that was Chechnya, sorry, my NATO friend.
  • 8-icon 8ball: Never forget Baton Rouge, you will pay for this dearly. And stop rioting in our cities with your #BlackLivesMatter movement, you domestic terrorist!

Enemies/Frequent Opponents:

  • Islam-icon (Most) Kebabs: This includes Pakistan-icon Pakistanball, Syria-icon Syriaball, Iraq-icon Iraqball, Palestine-icon Lebanonball, Afghan-iconAfghanistanball, Taliban-icon Somaliaball, ISIS-icon ISISball, etc. These guys are my #1 enemy because they always try to mess with me through school shootings and bombings and other sorts of terrorism. REMOVE KEBAB! (I think I just looked like a commie guy I know... Crap)
    • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball: This fella over here is really strange. I gave him weapons, shiny equipment and training and even killed Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball in his territory. Despite all this, he absolutely hates me. He even loves Dim Sum even though. Well, Get your shit straight! Ungrateful bastard!

Curry would have shish kebabbed you if not for me!

    • Syria-icon Syriaball: Stop killing innocent civilians! If it weren't for Russia-icon Russiaball, I would have given you a dose of FREEDOM a long time ago!
    • Iraq-icon Iraqball: I never really liked you, even since before the war with Iran. How dare you invade Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball! I even gave you democracy and new toys! But what did you do? You ran away from the enemy like a COWARD while this awesome equipment ended up in ISIS hands! If it wasn't for me, you would be overrun by ISIS right now! But really, stop being a coward.
    • Palestine-icon Palestineball: Man I like saying no to you. No matter how much you beg and plea to recognized by me, I won't. I love denying your membership to the UN. Someday I might that's if Israel does something stupid.
    • Somalia-icon Somaliaball: Those damn pirates, always stealing ships! Remember that awesome rescue I did? You want more of that? HUH?
    • Taliban-icon Talibanball: How dare you turn from a heroic commie remover to a terrorist organization hiding a terrorist organization and for taking over Afghan-icon Afghanistanball. BTW, I successfully removed you in 2001 and reduced to nothing but savages who hide in a cave.
    • Al-Qaeda-icon Al-Qaedaball: I killed you twice in 2011! 9/11, NEVER FORGET!!! 9/11, WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!! HERE IS AN ICON OF ME SO YOU FEEL MORE SCARED!
  • Boko Haram-icon Boko Haramball: Fuck you! Bring back those girls, stupid pedophile!
    • ISIS-icon ISISball: Look, fuckface. You want to fight for morals? Fine for you. I've fought as well as I could for what I thought best for the world. But I've fought enough times to know that just because you want to be good don't mean you are good. And you're not good, pal. Your entire cult is based on a flimsy, ultraviolent misinterpretation of your Holy Book. Your beliefs and violence are being condemned by some of the greatest authorities of your faith. You threaten every single country in the world with war that's my job!, attack my Canada-icon little brother, invade so many other countries and kill thousands of civilians, all in the name of MORALS?! In the name of FREEDOM?! Tell you what, you want freedom, you fucking bunch of jihadi crap bags? Come get some jerk!
  • OAS-icon OASball: Goddamn Latinos running the place! They won't give me any authority!
  • Mexico-icon Illegal immigrants - GET OFF. THE FUCKING. FENCE. I know you're poor and all but GET. OFF. THE. FENCE. I only let you spics in because who else is going to serve me my McDonald's?!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball: I used to hate this Soviet-icon commie bastard for turning against me after WW2, but after he became capitalist, we became rivals. Sort of. Sometimes, this guy won't even side with us. This guy has this weird Soviet-icon daddy complex and is turning out like him as well! He hates LGBT too. As of now, both of us are working together to remove ISIS in the Middle East. But still, he shouldn't have annexed Crimea.

Now suddenly he wants to be friends!? (Oh wait, new president hailed Putin, I see now)

  • Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball: F*CK YOU, you evil commie or whatever you want to fuckin want to call yourself. You are mean to the smallest Latin American countryballs when they did nothing to you!! You can anchluss me in Call of Duty: Ghosts but that will never happen f*cker.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball: This guy hates me more than I hate ISIS. I don't know what I did to make him so angry (totally did nothing). I think I nuked him a bit too much. He's still complaining about the funny movie (The Interview), but I don't think he's going to stay alive for long. Anchlussed me in Red Dawn (2012), Homefront, and Homefront: The Revolution but that will never happen MOFO! REMOVE KIM FAMILY!!! KOREAN WAR, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!



UKball's family photo with USAball in the center taking up much space.

States and Territories


Map of USAball's stateballs, some territoryballs, and neighboring countryballs.

States (Including soon to be):
  • Alabama-icon AlabamaballWell known for rednecks, racists, and guns. Also where cruise ships go to die.
  • Alaska-icon AlaskaballBought from Russia before turned into a commie scum. Also 1/5th of our land, 2/5ths of our snow, and 5/5ths of our oil.
  • Arizona-icon ArizonaballWhere people who like cold weather go to dehydrate immediately. Largest Navajo population. Also where no Mexican wants to go near the border of. And too many fucking telescopes. Has my asscrack the grand canyon. Phoenix sounds about legit as Jean Grey.
  • Arkansas-icon ArkansasballWe don't really know what they do. They make good yogurt, I guess. Oh, and they created Walmart. And they grow the most rice out of all the states. Evanescence is formed here, Little Rock, to be precise. Well I'll be damned, I guess I do know a lot about Arkansas.
  • California-icon CaliforniaballWhere our GMOs, movies, and technology are created. Some people think they're geniuses, most think they're insane. Home of Green Day. What? You're trying to leave? Don't secede from us, I warn you! Calexit will never happen!
  • Colorado-icon ColoradoballVery nice mountains. Very bad gun control. COUGH COUGH Columbine COUGH COUGH. A lot of sand dunes too. And the Rockies. KOBE. Home of South Park.
  • Connecticut-icon Connecticutball: The Las Vegas of New England. Nothing bad ever happens here.
  • Delaware-icon Delawareball: Currently on hold for the day they just turn into East Marylandball. FIRST FIRST FIRST Dover? What Dover are you talking about?
  • Florida-icon FloridaballHome of alligators, cruise ships, Disney world, crazy spring breaks and people who eat your face. Basically Australiaball, but less severe and older.
  • US Georgia-icon GeorgiaballProbably the best state, but unfortunately it experiences corruption. Not the Georgia that was freedom'd by Russia soviet remainders. Home of the Walking Dead!
  • Hawaii-icon HawaiiballCoffee slaves They were just kinda like, "Hey, can I join?" and US was just like "lol kk". Their Monarchy was forced to join by some motherfucking idiots! Home to the US Pacific Fleet, it one of the most militarized islands in the world. Although treats itself like its own country, which I am sorry for taking your freedom away!
  • Idaho-icon Idahoball: Really fucking cold. Also only state in Cascadia which has virtually no intention to leave.
  • Indiana-icon Indianaball:  Where the Indy 500 is. Also made a small fortune off Studebaker in south bend.
  • Kansas-icon Kansasball: He's the Centrepiece of American territory (even though it's mostly farmland). The Civil War almost started here. Hates fags and stuff like that. I worry about him.
  • Kentucky-icon Kentuckyball: Hillbillies, horses, college basketball, and a giant baseball bat. Home of KFC.
  • Louisiana-icon LouisianaballHome of American Frenchies. He's second only to Floridaball in terms of crazy people. Weird voodoo shit happens here. He has amazing food, though.
  • Maine-icon Maineball: He's pretty cool. Eats lobsters and isn't afraid of anything.
  • Maryland-icon MarylandballThe PO box capital of the world home of Baltimore. He narrowly avoided becoming Southwest Pennsylvania. BUT LEARN TO DRIVE YOU BONEHEAD. Sorry. I get mad sometimes.
  • Massachusetts-icon MassachusettsballThe state where the revolution began, and also where any sense of American enthusiasm ended. He also invented basketball, and has the New England Patriots. Also likes staring at birds. He taxes literally everything. And MIT.
  • Michigan-icon MichigancubeA lot of nice people, but still broke from GM in Detroit. No, the city's no longer bankrupt. And Eminem.
  • Yooper-icon Yooperball: Also known as Superiorball and Ontonagonball. They are a lot like Finlandball, which is a good thing in case the commies decide to invade from the north, and Canada collapses. What about Alaska?
  • Minnesota-icon MinnesotaballLikes to go up north to the cabin in the summer and play hockey in the winter. Also my largest mall (but not for too much longer.)
  • Mississippi-icon Mississippiball: He is very redneck; probably even worse than Alabama on this front. He has plenty of catfish, crawfish, and okra too. Also the most obese state.
  • Missouri-icon MissouriballHome of St. Louis, Kansas City, a huge arch, and civil unrest. I'm worried about him.
  • Montana-icon MontanaballNothing bad ever happens there. Or (almost) anything, for that matter.
  • Nebraska-icon NebraskaballJust corn, and Omaha. BUT MOSTLY FUCKING CORN!
  • Nevada-icon NevadaballHome of Area 51, Las Vegas (Home of the Pawn Stars), prostitution, and organized crime. In other words, great. UFOs crash here.
  • NewHampshire-icon New HampshireballOnly free state in New England. Includes white mountains. Also where state lotteries and legal gay marriage began.
  • NewJersey-icon New JerseyballTheir only purpose is to be made fun of. Doesn't help them to have the largest pipe organ ever built. The only thing good there is Atlantic city for geezers to gamble. You can identify it as Donald Trump's brothel locations. He is most densely populated state in me. Also has some decent beaches and good tomatoes too. They don't call him the Garden State for nothing.
  • NewMexico-icon New MexicoballThe title says it all. Not like Mexico, though. A lot of Navajos.
  • New York-icon New YorkballCONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF (just kidding, it's mostly rural, except the downstate. And Buffalo.) The beautiful Niagara Falls is located upstate, but the Canada part is the better half. Seinfeld and Friends happened here. Also where most of the fighting in Marvel takes place (If so, why is Marvel's depiction of NYC in such a good shape?)
  • NorthCarolina-icon North CarolinaballSouth Carolina's less corrupt and higher-elavated brother. Also, first in flight and 48th in education.
  • NorthDakota-icon North DakotaballThey're just kinda there. Also has many freedoms for staying out of politics for so long. Plus where Fargo is (love the movie). The lesser Dakota
  • Ohio-icon OhioRawrFascinatingly cold. We don't know how they survive up there. Also created the NFL (sort of), A whole lot of corn AGH Stop it with the CORN *Rawr* Um ok nevermind.
  • Oklahoma-icon OklahomaballAlso known as North Texas. Home of EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN TORNADO! Along with it being home to the 2nd most Native Americans there after Texas.
  • Oregon-icon OregonballLikes to claim they have more freedoms (due to where the pioneers came to), when in reality, California's toxins just got to their head. (Also the other state with the wacky tobaccy)
  • Pennsylvania-icon PennsylvaniaballHome of Rick Santorum *ugh*, Cheesesteaks, and Sesame Street's real location. Don't forget about the steel that came from Pittsburgh. Hall n' Oates are from here. Home of the former capital city, Philadelphia.
  • PuertoRico-icon Puerto RicoballHe will probably become the 51st state but DC is a bitch. Full of Latinos who call us gringos.
  • RhodeIsland-icon Rhode IslandballNot an island. Also liberal and dinky. He has oysters too. Home of Family Guy.
  • SouthCarolina-icon South Carolinaball: The only state in the south that can keep their head (Although there was a shooting). Also created the Charleston and the Charleston chew.
  • SouthDakota-icon South DakotaballIt has the mountain with the presidents, and petrified wood. Definitely not Rapid. Sioux Falls sounds as though a particular Benson family screwed the city up.
  • Tennessee-icon Tennesseeball: Country as fuck. Nashville. Where bluegrass music originated. Frequently on fire. Evil Dead took place here!
  • Texas-icon Texasball: We send our astronauts to space here (Houston). You know what, he's just a Mexican speaking illegal clone of Chile who can't keep his mouth shut about secession. You can't leave us, Texas. AND JUST FRICKING CHANGE YOUR FLAG.Is it my fault!?
  • Utah-icon Utahball: Home of those people who come up to your door and talk to you about Jesus. In any balkanization scenario, he'll always be the Holy State of Deseret.
  • Virginia-icon Virginiaball: They like football. Also covered in trees. Northern area sucks ass though.
  • Vermont-icon VermontballHome of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and maple syrup. What's that nail of Quebec (the northern parts of Grand Isle County) doing in your territory?
  • Washington-icon WashingtonballNot to be confused with the capital or president. Plus Nirvana.
  • West Virginia-icon West Virginiaball:  They love football, basketball, incest, bestiality, and of course country roads and mountaineers.
  • Wisconsin-icon WisconsinballCheese. Miller and Schlitz too, but let's get real. This state goes for the gusto. Slenderman Stabbings? What Slenderman?
  • Wyoming-icon Wyomingball60% of it is federal territory, because we are a free country, but still vacant and makes 3/5th of our coal. Least populous state. Cheyenne, anyone?
  • WashingtonDC-icon Washington DCball: Capital city that wants full representation but can't get it, but still has a spy museum. Also, he stole the thinker statue from Parisball. Not that I am worried of.



USAball with some of his territoryballs.

  • American Samoa-icon American SamoaballToo obscure. You've probably never heard of them. Last untouched paradise in the South Pacific Ocean. Birth place of Troy Palalamu. Lives a day behind his brother Samoaball.
  • Baker Island-icon Baker Islandball: Nope, no bakers and pastries found here. Must be the place of Mr. Krabs though because his flag has a crab in it.
  • Guam-icon GuamballAlso once Russian territory. The only place in America alongside the Mariana Islands that North Korea has any hope of touching. Wait a min, is that a jellyfish on your head!? PUT IT DOWN!!!! Damn it Guam, it is not a toy!!!!!
  • Howland Island-icon Howland Islandball: That eroding island with a collapsed building. No use, but still fun to have. Amelia Earheart was supposed to land here so we have lighthouse named after her. Oh and he is gay because he has a rainbow flag.
  • Jarvis Island-icon Jarvis Islandball: Iron Man's chest landed here, nah just kidding. It's just the name. IDK why.
  • Johnstoll Atoll-icon Johnston Atollball: Abandoned military base in the Pacific. I store my agent orange here. Its only a lighthouse now.
  • Kingman Reef-icon Kingman Reefball: Hmm, must be where Poseidon lives. Has a population of one young coconut seed.
  • Midway Atoll-icon Midway Atollball: Site of a famous World War II battle: My carriers vs Kamikaze's carriers and I sank all his!
  • Navassa Island-icon Navassa Islandball: Empty island where we have a radar and an empty lighthouse in it. Claimed by Haitiball.
  • VirginIslands-icon Virgin Islandsball: HA THEY HAVEN'T GOTTEN LAID! My poor poor son, you're doom. And where a famous basketball player was born. Want to be a state? Be a part of Puerto Rico first!
  • Wake Island-icon Wake Islandball: Naval base. Off-limits to civilians! Where America's day begins.