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The UNball, or the United Nationsball, is an intergovernmental organization created after Naziball and Japanball's mental breakdown. He was born as the League of Nationsball, tasked with maintaining world peace. But WW2 happened, so he was reformed into the UNball, and his task now is to prevent WW3 from happening and nukes from firing, but we can all see he is not doing a good job at it.

Protectorates Edit

United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovoball,

United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodiaball


  • UNICEF-icon UNICEFball - My son who actually did s**t.And never helps anyone
  • NATO-icon NATOball - Lets him do all the mercenary 'peacekeeping' work.
  • IAEAball - My other forgotten son, who helped stop nuclear reactors exploding, and nukes from exploding.
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Don't worry! I condemn this guy! from afar, safely
  • Poland-icon Polandball -  He is the holder of the record of country more invaded and fucked by others in history. He is so unlucky that after the Second World War  I gave to him some clays just because I felt sorry for him.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Actually did something by sending France-icon Franceball, UK-icon UKball, Turkey-icon Turkeyball, Philippines-icon Philippinesball and many others in order to help them fight against North Korea-icon North Koreaball, and China-icon Chinaball during the Korean War but basically USA-icon USAball was the leader, not UNball WHY?!
  • India-icon Pakistan-icon North Korea-icon Nukes bro - What?! How dare yuo keep nukes!! Only Israel-icon Israelcube can do that.
  • Rwanda-icon Rwandaball - Failed to prevent Rwandan Genocide.
  • Bosnia-icon Bosniaball - Failed to prevent the Srebrenica genocide.
  • Tamil-Eelam-icon Tamil Eelamball - Failed to prevent Tamil Genocide.
  • Vatican-icon Vaticanball - WHY YOU NO JOIN? WE RESERVE SEAT JUST FOR YOU! The only country in the world not in the United Nations (though we do have the Holly See).
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball: STUPID ARAB IDIOT U NEVER INTO UN ISRAEL TRUE GAZABALL Almost into UN but Israelcube doesn't allow it in.
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball: Dont leave just yet! You were very good until you wanted into NATO! You prevented so many kebabs and protecte your country during the asian war. Your good.

The Big 5iveEdit




UN-icon United Nations UN-icon
Specialized agencies FAO-icon FAOballICAO-icon ICAOballUN-icon IFADballILO-icon ILOballIMO-icon IMOballIMF-icon IMFballITU-icon ITUballUNESCO-icon UNESCOballUNIDO-icon UNIDOballUPU-icon UPUballWBG-icon WBGball (IBRD-icon IBRDballIFC-icon IFCballIDA-icon IDAball) • WHO-icon WHOballWIPO-icon WIPOballWMO-icon WMOballWFP-icon WFPballUNWTO-icon UNWTOballCTBTO-icon CTBTOballUN-icon IAEAballOPCW-icon OPCWballWTO-icon WTOballUNPA-icon UNPAballUNICEF-icon UNICEFballWWF-icon WWFballGreenpeace-icon Greenpeaceball
Regional commissions UN-icon ECEballUN-icon ECAballUN-icon ECLACballUN-icon ESCAPballUN-icon ESCWAball
Former Entities League of Nations-icon League of Nationsball
UN-icon Organizationballs UN-icon
International League of Nations-icon League of Nationsball (1920-1946) • Comecon-icon Comeconball (1949-1991) • UN-icon UNball (template) • OECD-icon OECDballOPEC-icon OPECballBRICS-icon BRICSbricks
Regional African Union-icon African UnionballArab League-icon Arab LeagueballArab Maghreb Union-icon Arab Maghreb UnionballASEAN-icon ASEANballBaltic Assembly-icon Baltic AssemblyballCIS-icon CISballEU-icon EUballEurasian Union-icon Eurasian UnionballOAS-icon OASballOIC-icon OICballUNASUR-icon UNASURballUnion for the Mediterranean-icon Union for the MediterraneanballSEATO-icon SEATOball (1955-1977) • CEFTA-icon CEFTAballEFTA-icon EFTAballWEU-icon WEUball (1954-2011) • Visegrád Group-icon Visegrád GroupballOSCE-icon OSCEballTurkic Council-icon Turkic CouncilballNordic Council-icon Nordic Councilball
Military alliances NATO-icon NATOballWarsaw Pact-icon Warsaw Pactball (1955-1991) • SEATO-icon SEATOball (1955-1977) • CSTO-icon CSTOballWEU-icon WEUball (1954-2011)

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