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Tuvan People's Republicball was a Historical Countryball

History Edit

Tuvan People's Republicball born as a 1ball, adopted by Chinaball in 1921 became a Independent Countryball. In 1944 he joined to USSRball. He's son Tuvaball. Cannot into deciding what flag he into using.

Communism-icon ☭ Workers of the world, unite! Proletarians shall overthrow the capitalist states! ☭ Communism-icon
Revolution Still Burning!
(well, not anymore...)
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PRIVYET! I heard yuo of still worship Lenin, Marx, and Engels. Yuo are promotings malicious ideology that are of not withstandings testings of tiem. Yuo want war, Да? So YUO WILL GET BIG WAR WITH MAY BLOOD AND MANY GORE, СОЮЗ СОВЕТСКИХ СУВЕРЕННЫХ РЕСПУВЛИК BIG AND STRONK, WILL KILL ALL COMMUNIST FARM ANIMAL WITH GORBAČËV MAGIC!!!!!!!!

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