Turkish War of Independence was a conflict to overthrow the Sultanate in Asia Minor, and to unite main Turkish land.

'Peace at home, peace in the World' -Mustafa Kemal Atatürk-


After Ottomanball's defeat in World War One, Treaty of Sevres would have given vast amounts of Anatolian clay to Armeniaball, Greeceball and Kurdistanball. Franceball and UKball were occupying territories too. But Turkeyball would have none of it. USAball had been the biggest pusher of the treaty.

Turkeyball began fighting off Greeceball and invading Armeniaball, taking over Karsball and Alexandropolball but being defeated at Sardarapatball and prevented from taking Armeniaball's Caucasus clay. Turkeyball also tried to take over Adjaraball from DR Georgiaball since it had kebab living there. The allies of World War I thought about jumping in. Franceball invaded Syria and southern Anatolia, UKball invaded Iraq and gave economic support to Greeceball, Armeniaball invaded East Anatolia and Greece invaded western Anatolia. Turkeyball defeated Armeniaball by his army, and Turkish people deffeated Franceball by themselves. After these sides of war ended, Turkey sent all his army to west so that he could deffeat Greece. After Turkey deffeated Greece, Turkey made Treaty of Lausanne. Meanwhile Sovietball took over Armeniaball and gave Turkeyball most of his clay in Treaty of Kars, hoping Turkeyball would become a commie if he did (Turkeyball didn't). Kurds tried to rebel by UK's support, but they failed. And so Turkeyball was into independence and having Anatolian clay to himself. But British Iraq and Turkey' s border did not draw.

In 1926, there was a Sheikh Said Rebel. UKball didnt give Turkeyball Mosulball because of unfair moves of League of Nationsball. It resulted loss of Mosulball and Iraq border was finished.

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