Tringapore is a triangular shaped countryball, similar to Bermudatriangle. It is a sovereign Island city-state located in Southeast Asia. He is known for being a scientifically/technologically-advanced, "artistically" and culturally-diverse personality, things that are very strange.

He lives in a sibeh clean and safe environment. He has a mixed ancestry of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Ang mor and increasing of Japanese, Koreans, Australian, and whatever ethnicity you might think of. He is a founding member of ASEAN-icon ASEAN Board and part of the Commonwealth family. Tringapore can speak excellent English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin but has somewhat lost the ability to speak other Chinese dialects. But hor, he takes pride in speaking a language which is a mix of all languages he speaks.


Tringapore's personality is reflective of its sharp pointed top. Even though it is generally smaller in size, it has the ability to 'fight it out' with countryballs. It is often spotted with a bag of money, with a bright green Advanced Man Combat System helmet when it is angry, has the ability to poke other countryballs with it's sharp tip and can sometimes even fly. It loves eating Chilli Crabs even though the Chilli Crab in Singapore damn ex. Tringapore also loves to increase the land it is stepping on by buying it from neighbouring countryballs and building awesome looking buildings and party places with it.

It's argued that the whole reason Tringapore wanted independence from Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball was because he decided to chew gum on Tringapore's streets. Yup, chew gum on his streets, and you should get the hella outta here liao. Tringapore is sibeh strict, saman people who chews gum on the streets with a long term prison sentence with extended parole, and death sentence for attempts to roll some meth or cocaine in. It has however paid off because he is now one of the least corrupt countryballs now, SIBEI 好 RIGHT?.

Tringapore is also very hardworking during the weekdays. Productivity is very stronk in his offices (only rivalled by countryballs like Japanball, South Koreaball, Hong Kongball, Chinaball, Germanyball etc etc), and he is also rich (highest percentage of millionaires in the world sia!) The Tringaporean economy is known as one of the 'freest', most innovative, most competitive, and most business-friendly.


Tringapore was discovered in 1819 which he was adopted by UKball, and given a proper education by his adoptive father. He is a (half) brother to Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball (formerly known as Malayaball), who is also another adoptive son of UK-icon UKball, adopted at around the same time. He was known as Straits Settlementsball/triangle until he became independent in 1965.

In 1942, Tring's clay was invaded by Japanball, who raped him. However, after his defeat in 1945, his brother Malayaball fought a war for his independence with Tring. In 1963, Tringapore joined Malayaball to form Malaysiaball, but Tring left in 1965. Tring and Malay used to have quite a good relationship with each others until 1965 when Malay and Tring have ethnic and religious tensions. Malayball was like: "Go away! Me no love you anyway!" and Tring was like: "Go away lah!I Donnid you oredi!"

When they broke up both felt really sad and their conditions was much worse lah. Fortunately, Tring managed to stand firmly by himself while activating his "Lee Kuan Yew mode". Eventually, he drastically transformed from a third world countryball into a world class countryball, even surpasses his former brother/rival Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball and now is an admirable countryball in ASEAN-icon ASEANball.

While in his "Lee Kuan Yew" mode Tring developed steady education system, and also very steady defense system. He has some of Asia's best universities. Housing comes in the form of HDB here because of the amount of clay he has (not much). His flats are the cheapest ones in the world:pHe also became into tourism by planting trees and building things like parks, banks and hotels, and also many tourist attractions. That's how he make monies now.

Now ah, Tring can into awesome architecture and then oso got delicious food. Sometimes maybe he is of serious about his work, more kiasu serious about his education and even more kiasu serious about law. Tring's residents are also very kiasu about monies and scared kena saman!  But at the end of the workday he like to unwind and have glass of Singapore Sling Milo. Other days he go Marina Bay and party and eat chilli crab and chicken rice. Tring can also into good times lor.


朋友 (Friends)

  • UK-icon UKball: WHY YOU BETRAY ME LAH FATHER WAHLAO EH! Adoptive father who always gib monies to Tring when he was a little countryball in South East Asia. Tring loves his father very much, and sometimes he really missed the time when he was a stronk kid in his father's empire, even after UKball surrendered him to Japanball.
  • Christmas Island-icon Christmas Islandball: Son who lives with Australia now
  • China-icon Chinaball: majority of us are Chinese. 好 trading partners.Deng Xiaoping was inspired by us in create the Authoritarian Capitalism thing. I support Tiananmen massacre
    • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball: Close friends and ex-adoptive brother since they both have Chinese blood, colonized by UK-icon UKball and well developed economies that can into monies. Were both raped by Japanball together. Also a fellow Dragon. Jackie Chan is Tringapore PR
    • Macau-icon Macauball: Hong Kongball's bro. MY CASINOS ARE BETTER!!!
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball: Can into friends.I recongised him as real China until 1990.ALL YUOR FAULT MY TERREX VEHICLES GOT CONFISCATED IN HONG KONG !ANSCHLUSS TARGET!YUO WILL PAY FOR THIS!
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball: Friend who i buy car form and go to holiday but wants to build canal to undercut me.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball: Fellow dragon.GIB SAMSUNG NO, NOT THE PHONE THAT IS BOOM, LAH!
  • English-icon Commonwealthball: Tring is a member of his league, Tring loves Commonwealthball very much.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube and Serbiaball: Helped build and train Tringapore's armed forces in the art of Kebab removal (neighbours Malaysiaball and Indonesiaball are Kebabs but not Ural-Altaic).I also not of recognise palestine
  • Japan-icon Japanball: Good anime, but too much tentacles. Remember 1942! Sook Ching Massacre never forget!!!
  • Germany-icon Germanyball: Very nice work ethic that I want. However, remember 1942, and also gib leopard tank.
  • Italy-icon Italyball: Lazy, but good food. Can into friends i guess, but remember 1942.
  • USA-icon USAball: Burger let's his awesome ships dock in my harbor lah! Gib N95 mask. but Micheal Fay must into cane. Also Jack Neo>>>>>>>>>>Hollywood.
  • Brunei-icon Bruneiball : Tringapore South East Asian friend lah , have lots of oil wor , Exchangeable currency rate 1=1 leh. But when oil run out i make kill.
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball: Have beautiful women!!! Can into wife. Can into tourism lah. #GibPhở

敵人 (Enemies) 

  • Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball: Former brother/rival who always wanted to anschluss Tring when he have the chance but always failed. Kicked him out in 1965. Banned them from using Malaysiaball currency since 1967. Since then 1.00 SGD = 3.00 MYR.ALSO STAY AWAY FROM PEDRA BLANCA OR I WILL ANSCHLUSS JOHOR I WILL KILL YUO TAK GUNNA MELAYU LAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANSCHLUSS TARGET.
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball (Once): Balut always of into noisy in public making Tring angry lah. Lot of balut working in Tring! Remember Edz Ello,TRINGAPOREAN ENGLISH BEST ENGLISH!!! PEENOISE ENGLISH DUMB AND AMERICAN NOT ORIGINAL BRITISH ENGLISH LAH! ANSCHLUSS TARGET
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball-Was of making fun of me for being small but no longer does it.Who is the dump one now?I is of one of richest countries in the world but your GDP per capita sucks.Also stop smogging my clay, ( but plox teach me how to be an G20 Member)
  • Poland-icon Polandball: He beat me into triangle. I do not even rip off his flag sia.


  • "Say "ching chong" again and I will stick one up ur ass."
  • Don't break a law! Or in otherwords, Patuhilah undang-undang! Understood/Faham?
  • "Leaving the Federation happiest day of my life."
  • "Who ask yuo do liddat one sia"
  • "We can into developed country lah"
  • Kan ni na chao chee bai
  • Na bei!



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