Torontoball is the most populated cityball of Canada-icon Canadaball and the provincial capital of Ontario-icon Ontarioball. He was born as Yorkball in 1793. His name means "where there are trees in water" in the language of the 3balls. Also, Torontoball is Drake's hometown.

Torontoball is sometimes used by USA-icon USAball to film movies that doubles as NYC-icon NYCball and Chicago-icon Chicagoball (he even doubled as Baltimore-icon Baltimoreball in 2007 to film Hairspray). He was also the location for Raccoon City in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but USA-icon USAball and Germany-icon Germanyball (the producer) forgot to hide his features, and he was nuked to oblivion.

Tried to bid for the Olympics in 1996 and 2008, but lost to Atlanta-icon Atlantaball and Beijing-icon Beijingball. Fortunately, he got to host the Pan Am Games in 2015.

He was apparently the most hated city in Canada.

Aside from all that, he has several major pro sports teams:

  • The Maple Leafs of the NHL
  • The Marlies of the AHL
  • The Argonauts of the CFL
  • The Raptors of the NBA
  • The Rock of the NLL
  • Toronto FC of MLS
  • The Blue Jays of MLB (the first (and only!) non-USAball team to win the World Series, won in 1992 and 1993)

He also has a rugby team called the Wolfpack that plays against teams in Englandball.

After several months of blub due to excessive spring rain, Torontoball finally got his islands re-opened on August 1, 2017.


  • Montrealball - Friendly rival, also you suck at hockey. Haha, we finally snapped your 14-game winning streak against us at the Bell Centre, AUSTON MATTHEWS RULES!!!
  • Vancouverball - "Your mayor was a crack addict", said the pot-smoking hippies.
  • Ottawaball - You suck at hockey also gib capital, I have larger population
  • Calgaryball - You suck at hockey. And you have to read a poem by Mayor Tory for losing the Grey Cup!
  • Winnipegball - You suck at hockey.
  • Edmontonball - You suck at hockey.
  • Clevelandball - You beat my Blue Jays and Raptors, I will get my revenge one day!