Tongaball is an island countryball in the pacific. He is known to be a friendly polynesian ball. He has never been taken by a foreign ball, unless UKball protects him. He is the fattest countryball in world. Its capital is Nuku'alofaball. Its clay has 169 islands, 36 of which inhabited, and lies 1/3 way between New Zealandball and Hawaiiball. The reputation of friendliness comes from the invitation he gave to UKball to join his party. Tongaball wanted to kill UKball but couldn't decide on a plan. Oil up.

Related Issues Edit

  1. Sea levels rising
  2. Tonga wanting into asia
  3. Much corruption
  4. Much obesity
  5. of many arguing with other island clay

Relationships Edit

  1. New Zealandball and Australiaball - Only see each other at colonisation mourning summit.
  2. USAball - Contributed troops to Iraq War.
  3. All Pacificballs - Likes each other. Should into country of relevance.
  4. New Englandball - YOU STOLE MY FLAG! Remove Lobster!

How to draw Edit

Drawing Tongaball is of very simple:

  1. Draw a red circle
  2. Fill the top-left corner with white
  3. Draw a red cross in the white square


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