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Grorious Nippon stlonk! Tokugawa unifee Nippon flom Sengoku jidai!
— Tokugawa Shogunateball

Tokugawaball, officially Tokugawa shougunateball was the last Feudal Japanball (Shogunateball) and Ruled from 1608,after the death of dear Toyotomiball, to 1860 before becoming the Japanese Empireball. He was given the title of shoganate by the emperor and he also kicked the Ryukyu Kingdomball and before that, wanted to invade Koreaball. He was very suspicious of foreigners, and had hated Christians.


Japan-icon 日本球(Nippon-ball) A.K.A 日本魂(Nippon-spirit) Japan-icon
Prefectures Hokkaido-icon HokkaidoballJapan-icon (division) Tōhokuball (Aomori-icon AomoriballIwate-icon IwateballMiyagi-icon MiyagiballAkita-icon AkitaballYamagata-icon YamagataballFukushima-icon Fukushimaball) • Kanto-icon Kantoball (Ibaraki-icon IbarakiballTochigi-icon TochigiballGunma-icon GunmaballSaitama-icon SaitamaballChiba-icon ChibaballKanagawa-icon KanagawaballTokyo-icon Tokyoball (Ogasawara-icon Ogasawaraball)) • Chubu-icon Chūbuball (Niigata-icon NiigataballToyama-icon ToyamaballIshikawa-icon IshikawaballFukui-icon FukuiballYamanashi-icon YamanashiballNagano-icon NaganoballGifu-icon GifuballShizuoka-icon ShizuokaballAichi-icon Aichiball) • Kansai-icon Kansaiball (Mie-icon MieballShiga-icon ShigaballKyoto-icon KyotoballOsaka-icon OsakaballHyogo-icon HyōgoballNara-icon NaraballWakayama-icon Wakayamaball) • Japan-icon (division) Chūgokuball (Tottori-icon TottoriballShimane-icon ShimaneballOkayama-icon OkayamaballHiroshima-icon HiroshimaballYamaguchi-icon Yamaguchiball) • Shikoku-icon Shikokuball (Tokushima-icon TokushimaballKagawa-icon KagawaballEhime-icon EhimeballKochi-icon Kōchiball) • Kyushu-icon Kyushuball (Fukuoka-icon FukuokaballSaga-icon SagaballNagasaki-icon NagasakiballKumamoto-icon KumamotoballOita-icon ŌitaballMiyazaki-icon MiyazakiballKagoshima-icon KagoshimaballOkinawa-icon Okinawaball)
Cities Tokyo-icon Tokyoball (capital) • Kioto-icon KiotoballOsaka (city)-icon Ōsakaball
Former entities 1-icon JōmonballTokugawa-icon TokugawaballJapanese-Empire-icon Japanese EmpireballJapanRawr-icon JapanRawr
Territorial claims South Korea-icon TakeshimaballRussia-icon ChishimaballChina-icon SenkakuballPhilippines-icon Benuhamu Raisuball

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