Togoball is a countryball in Western Africa. His clay borders that of Benin-icon Beninball, Ghana-icon Ghanaball and Burkina Faso-icon Burkina Fasoball. Like his neighbours, he cannot into much relevance.

He is member of the Atlantic-Congo family (West Africans).


Togoball is descended from West African 8-icon 8balls, as are all his brothers. He became known as Togolandball in 1884, after German Empire-icon German Empireball (Or Reichtangle if on Facebook Polandball) captured him during the Scramble for Africa. After German Empire-icon German Empireball was defeated and killed during the Great War, British Empire-icon Britainball took some of Togoball's clay, while Togolandball was forcefully adopted by France-icon Franceball in 1921. He was finally given independence in 1960, whereupon he became even less relevant than before.It is said that Togoball lost his eye in a fight over some clay with Benin-icon Beninball. No one knows who won the fight, execpt for Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball who charges to tell the story.


  • Benin-icon Beninball - Brother, and fellow (forced) adoptee of Franceball.
  • Ghana-icon Ghanaball - Got rid of annoying tumor on clay
  • Burkina Faso-icon Burkina Fasoball - Annoying neighbour
  • France-icon Franceball - (Forced) Adoptive mother. Is of Good parent! I Love you!
  • UK-icon United Kingdomball - Helped get rid of tumor on clay in 1921.BUT YOU IS OF STUPID ENGLISH SCUM!
  • Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball - My english-speaking neighbor and friend. (GIB OIL PLOX)


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