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Tiraneball is the capital city of Albania-icon Albania since 1920 on the Congress of Lushnja. This fella does appear in emergent events of Albaniaball in comics.

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1-icon Asia Afghan-icon (division) Kabulball (Afghan-icon) • Bangladesh-icon (division) Dhakaball (Bangladesh-icon) • Bhutan-icon (division) Thimphuball (Bhutan-icon) • Brunei-icon (division) Bandar Seri Begawanball (Brunei-icon) • Myanmar-icon (division) Naypyidawball (Myanmar-icon) • British Indian Ocean Territory-icon (division) Diego Garciaball (British Indian Ocean Territory-icon) • Phnom Penh-icon Phnom Penhball (Cambodia-icon) • Beijing-icon Beijingball (China-icon) (Tibet-icon (division) Lhasaball (Tibet-icon) • Uyghur-icon (division) Ürümqiball (Uyghur-icon)) • Dili-icon Diliball (East Timor-icon) • India-icon (division) New Delhiball (India-icon) • Jakarta-icon Jakartaball (Indonesia-icon) • Tokyo-icon Tokyoball (Japan-icon) (Naha-icon Nahaball (Okinawa-icon)) • Astana-icon Astanabrick (Kazakhstan-icon) • North Korea-icon (division) Pyongyangball (North Korea-icon) • Seoul-icon Seoulball (South Korea-icon) • Bishkek-icon Bishkekball (Kyrgyz-icon) • Laos-icon (division) Vientianeball (Laos-icon) • Kuala Lumpur-icon Kuala Lumpurball (Malaysia-icon) • Maldives-icon (division) Maléball (Maldives-icon) • Ulan Bator-icon Ulan Batorball (Mongolia-icon) • Kathmandu-icon Kathmanduball (Nepal-icon) • Islamabad-icon Islamabadball (Pakistan-icon) • Manila-icon Manilaball (Philippines-icon) • Moscow-icon Moscowball (Russia-icon) (Novosibirsk-icon (city) Novosibirskball (Siberia-icon)) • Sri J Kotte-icon Sri Jayawardenepura Kotteball (Sri Lanka-icon) • Taipei-icon Taipeiball (Taiwan-icon/Chinese-Taipei-icon) • Dushanbe-icon Dushanbeball (Tajik-icon) • Bangkok-icon Bangkokball (Thailand-icon) • Central Singapore-icon Central Tringapore (Singapore-icon) • Turkmen-icon (division) Ashgabatball (Turkmen-icon) • Tashkent-icon Tashkentball (Uzbek-icon) • Hanoi-icon Hanoiball (Vietnam-icon)
Middle-east-4ball-icon Middle East Manama-icon Manamaball (Bahrain-icon) • Nicosia-icon Nicosiaball (Cyprus-icon) • Cairo-icon Cairoball (Egypt-icon) • Tehran-icon Tehranball (Iran-icon) • Iraq-icon (division) Baghdadball (Iraq-icon) • Jerusalem-icon Jerusalemcube (Israel-icon) • Amman-icon Ammanball (Jordan-icon) • Iraq-icon (division) Erbiliball (Kurdistan-icon)Kuwait-icon (division) Kuwait Cityball (Kuwait-icon) • Beirut-icon Beirutball (Lebanon-icon) • North Nicosia-icon North Nicosiaball (Northern Cyprus-icon)Red-icon Muscatball (Oman-icon) • Ramallah-icon Ramallahball (Palestine-icon) • Qatar-icon (division) Dohaball (Qatar-icon) • Riyadh-icon Riyadhball (Saudi Arabia-icon) • Syria-icon (division) Damascusball (Syria-icon) • Ankara-icon Ankaraball (Turkey-icon) • Abu Dhabi-icon Abu Dhabiball (UAE-icon) • Yemen-icon (division) Sana'aball (Yemen-icon)
7-icon Oceania Australian Capital Territory-icon Canberraball (Australia-icon) (Christmas Island-icon (division) Flying Fish Coveball (Christmas Island-icon) • Cocos Islands-icon (division) West Islandball (Cocos Islands-icon)) • Suva-icon Suvaball (Fiji-icon) • French Polynesia-icon (division) Papeeteball (French Polynesia-icon) • Hagåtña-icon Hagåtñaball (Guam-icon) • Kiribati-icon (division) South Tarawaball (Kiribati-icon) • Marshall Islands-icon (division) Majuroball (Marshall Islands-icon) • Palikir-icon Palikirball (Micronesia-icon) • Nauru-icon (division) Yarenball (Nauru-icon) • Nouméa-icon Nouméaball (New Caledonia-icon) • Wellington-icon Wellingtonball (New Zealand-icon) (Cook Islands-icon (division) Avaruaball (Cook Islands-icon) • Niue-icon (division) Alofiball (Niue-icon)) • Northern Mariana Islands-icon (division) Saipanball (Northern Mariana Islands-icon) • Ngerulmud-icon Ngerulmudball (Palau-icon) • Port Moresby-icon Port Moresbyball (Papua New Guinea-icon) • Pitcairn-icon (division) Adamstownball (Pitcairn Islands-icon) • Samoa-icon (division) Apiaball (Samoa-icon) • Honiara-icon Honiaraball (Solomon Islands-icon) • Tokelau-icon (division) Fakaofoball (Tokelau-icon) • Tonga-icon (division) Nuku'alofaball (Tonga-icon) • Tuvalu-icon (division) Funafutiball (Tuvalu-icon) • Port Vila-icon Port Vilaball (Vanuatu-icon) • Wallis and Futuna-icon (division) Mata-Utuball (Wallis and Futuna-icon)
Terms in italics are capitals of unrecognized and partially recognised states
Albania-icon Shqip Republic of Albania Albania-icon
Counties Berat-icon BeratballDibër-icon DibërballDurrës-icon DurrësballElbasan-icon ElbasanballFier-icon FierballAlbania-icon (division) GjirokastërballKorçë-icon KorçëballKukës-icon KukësballAlbania-icon (division) LezhëballShkodër-icon ShkodërballTirana-icon TiranaballVlorë-icon Vlorëball
Former entities 2-icon Ancient EuropeansIllyria-icon IllyriaballSPQR-icon SPQRballByzantine-icon ByzantineballPrincipality of Arbanon-icon Principality of ArbanonballMedieval Kingdom of Albania-icon Medieval Kingdom of AlbaniaballPrincedom of Albania-icon Princedom of AlbaniaballOttoman-icon OttomanballProvisional Government of Albania-icon Provisional Government of AlbaniaballPrincipality of Albania-icon Principality of AlbaniaballAlbania-icon (1925-1928) Albaniaball (1925-1928)Albanian Kingdom-icon (1928-1939) Albanian Kingdomball (1928-1939)Albanian Kingdom-icon (1939-1943) Albanian Kingdomball (1939-1943)Nazi Albania-icon Albanian Kingdomball (1943-1944)PSR Albania-icon PSR Albaniaball

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