Timuridball was a mighty empireball on the Persian plate. He is well knows for being gruesome. However, he saved the Muslim world and killed alot of for revenge, along with some Arab, Iranian and Turkicballs. Yet today Muslims don't like him because he was too cruel.

He brought the glory of the Islamic World in Science and Art again.

When Timuridball had nothing to do with Ottoman Empireball anymore, it was the last time when Ottoman or the Turks in Anatolia had Contact with other Turkicballs and didn't even care if Russiaball occupied it until the 18th or 19th Century.

Today Uzbekistanball, Kazakhbrick and Tajikistanball are fighting who is the Real Nationality of his because there is also an Iranian myth on him

In Russiaball he is still popular for some reasons, however Kebabs itself never use him as Meme for unknown Reasons maybe because of his brutality.

How to draw

  1. First draw a ball
  2. Colour it black
  3. Draw three red circles
  4. Add eyes
  5. Also you can use nomads weapons and dress


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