“Long live the Dalai Lama!”
Tibetball (also Xizangball by the Chinese) is an autonomous region of South-West Chinaball and also an ethno-cultural region. It is the largest Chinese division but the least inhabited one. Tibetball want into independence!


Most of Tibet's historical text have been destroyed by the Chinese Government during the Invasion of Tibet in 1951. One of the first known state in these lands was the Zhangzhungball, a pagan kingdom. Then, in the 7th century, the people of Tibet stopped worshipping the Bön and, with the adoption of Buddhismball, it became the Tibetan Empireball.

During the 9th to 11th century, the Empire fell. The major kingdom in the area was the Gugeball. Invasors from the North seized the occasion and the Yuanball invaded the region, making it part of their Empire.

Independence was recaught in the 13th century, under the Phagmodrupa dynastyball, which however, the Mingball did not recognize as independent. Instead, this latter considered Tibet as a Chinese region.

Other dynasties were in charge of the Tibetan Empireball until 1720, when the Manchu empire of the Qingball conquered this area. The revolutions in China of the 1910s destroyed this latter. In 1912, the Kingdom of Tibetball got independence. However, it soon became a protectorate and a province of the Republic of Chinaball in the 1928, until being occupied by the People's Republic of Chinaball in 1951, which resulted in the Tibetan Government to be forced into exile in Indiaball. Millions of Tibetans have been killed since the Chinese Communist Government invaded Tibet, and many Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries have been destroyed.

The legitimity of the annexation of Tibet is still argued, with the Tibetan government being split in two. But the international community won't support Tibet because They are scared and wussy they don't want sanctions from China. There is a Chinese-administered government, officialized, and a Tibetan monk-government, unofficial. This also meant the flag of Tibet having been declared outlaw by the Chinese government.



  • India-icon Indiaball - The founder of Buddhism, also gave the Dalai Lama protection.
  • Bhutan-icon Bhutanball - My child and last independent Himalayan nation.


  • China-icon Chinaball - He gives me lots of good stuff, such as bridges and railways... But he doesn't like my interests... GIB INDEPENDENCE ASAP!
  • Nepal-icon NepalRawr - Used to be friend but now paid by Chy-nah!


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