• You were doing your business on the Polandball Discord, posting memes, and starting wars, until you went blank. It seem so quick, but you find yourself on a island, but your not alone. You see other people, maybe some flame warriors. You have no technology, you have nothing. You have yourself, others, and nature. You try to escape, but you couldn't swim, the ocean is to powerful. You can go alone, and take care of your self. Start a tribe/group/clans, and try to find a way out. Or just live on the island. It will takes month of work to survive. You may not survive. But all you can do is hope.

    Resources from people on the island

    Location:Unknown Date:July 16th, 2017 Resources:A lot

    Resources Levels:

    • A lot-100%
    • Most-90%
    • Almost Most-80%
    • No need to worry-70%
    • Worry-60%
    • Uh-Oh-50%
    • Will we make it?-40%
    • Plant!-30%
    • Work Toghther-20%
    • Gulp-10%
    • Good Bye World-5%
    • Dead-0%


    • Can't be overpower
    • Can't use technology
    • Can't swim to a civilization, your on the middle of a island in the Pacific Ocean. A deadly part of the ocean. Also boats do not come, as its told the island is to deadly.
    • To get more trees plant seeds, and hope it rains.
    • Admins can control what happens around you, hurricanes, storms, etc.


    • MXSaniel
    • Mr. Bozita
    • Procimus


    • MXSaniel
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