The First Kashmir War was a war between Indiaball , Pakistanball , Kashmirball and later Chinaball.

Beginning of the conflict

When Pakistanball and Indiaball found Kashmirball they both claimed Kashmirball's clay.

The fall of Kashmir

Indiaball and Pakistanball attacked Kashmirball ,thus beginning the war. Kashmirball was almost defenceless and rapidly lost against Pakistanball and Indiaball .

India-Pakistan war

Claiming that Indiaball occupied Pakistani Kashmir, Pakistanball attacked Indiaball and conquered Northern Kashmir.

The ceasefire

A ceasefire was made between the two countries and a de facto border was made, separating the Indian Kashmir from the Pakistani Kashmir.

China's claim

Chinaball claimed a part of the Indian Kashmir ,thus beginning a new conflict. No war was held between Indiaball and Chinaball but tensions grew between the two countries.


  • Kashmir is no longer independent.
  • Pakistan, India and China enlarged their territories.
  • Tensions grew between Pakistan, India and China.
  • There is no certain border as each country has different claims.
  • Separatists call for independence since 2009.