Texasball is state USA-iconUSAball. He is possibly one of the most conservative American stateball ever. He is possibly also one of the most likely to secede from USA-iconUSAball, due to his rebellious personality. He is a rather trigger happy fellow, even for an American state.

Texasball is sometimes seen wearing shades and his iconic hat. He may also have a Colt Peacemaker, a Winchester rifle, or a shotgun.


Texas-icon Texasball was born as 3-icon 3ball until he was adopted by Spain-icon Spainball and later Mexico-icon Mexicoball. He then gained independence for 10 years and those ten years were spent deciding if he should Join the United states which he did join USA-icon USAball in 1845.



  • USA-icon USAball (Father)(sometime)- Father and former Civil War enemy, and is still steamed about his confusion with Chile-icon Chileball, he also won't let me move out. But ever since Harvey, don't even think I'm ready yet.
  • California-icon Californiaball(Sometimes) - Liberal younger brother, ideological opposite. Argues with alot, but is just frenemy. I love you even though we fight. We will protect each other from threats. Your Dodgers never had a chance against my Astros, 'cause they won the World Series! we will split up the states inbetween each other once we both into independence.
  • NewMexico-icon New Mexicoball - Younger brother (he used to be my clay)
  • Colorado-icon Coloradoball - Younger brother (also a bit of him used to be my clay), somewhat a moderate between me and Californiaball. Though he gets annoyed sometimes when Californiaball and I both invade his clay, and he likes weed.
  • Other Southernballs- half brothers (CSA-icon special former relationship)
  • All other Stateballs - Half brothers
  • Chihuahua-icon Chihuahuaball, Coahuila-icon Coahuilaball, Nuevo León-icon Nuevo Leónball, Tamaulipas-icon Tamaulipasball - Mexican stateballs that send too many drugs and immigrants over the Rio Grande.
  • UK-icon UKball - Grandfather tell dad to gib me a gun this christmas plox
  • Spain-icon Spainball - Grandmother
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Adoptive uncle that has a lot in common with Texas-iconTexasball. They wear silly hats, have funny accents, have very big egos, etc. But annoyingly his son, Western Australiaball, is even bigger than me and the darn Alaska put together!
  • All other Angloballs - Adoptives aunts and uncles
  • Alberta-icon Albertaball - My cousin who is a lot like me, so we are friends.
  • Tennessee-icon Tennesseeball - Thanks for helping free me from Mexico-icon Mexicoball. We also both like bluegrass


  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball Mommy-Never forget 1846 or Alamo!And stop sending illegal immigrants. (Mexicoball: Texas, Join me and we will defeat the gringo!!! Texasball: Never!!! My father USA, said that you are evil, Latino scum!!! Mexicoball: El gringo never told you the truth? NO, YO SOY TU PADRE!!!! Texasball: No, No, It can be truth!!! Mexicoball: Search tu felling hijos!!! Texasball: NOOOOOOO).
  • Chile-icon Chileball - FLAG STEALER! KTVT
  • Colombia-icon Colombiaball - Stop sending drugs
  • Alaska-icon Alaskaball- 1959 worst day of my life! (Not part of contiguous USAball, you don't count as biggest!)
  • California-icon Most Liberal state(Sometimes)-Dang Liberals! We are both ideological opposites and we often argue during elections but at the end of the day we are friends.

Major Cityballs (Darn Libruls!)

  • Austin-icon (flag 2)Austin-icon (flag 1) Austinball - Liberal Capitalball that's populated with California-icon Californian implants. Also needs a new flag.
  • Houston-icon Houstonball - Largest cityball in the state and only big cityball that can into Gulf of Mexico.
  • Dallas-icon Dallasball - Dem cowboys became urbanized. Sterotypical Texan city the rest of the world sees.
  • San Antonio-icon San Antonioball - One of Texas's oldest cities. Ball is life, and so are Tacos.
  • El Paso-icon El Pasoball - Sketchy, haunted Mexican cityball in the great Texan outback. Ugly duckling of Texan cityballs
  • Fort Worth-icon Fort Worthball - Dallasball's less relevant twin that is famous for its stockyards (Psst! Don't ever mention Dallas!)
  • Rio Grande Valley - Just like El Paso, but has more Mexicans
  • College Station-IconCollege Stationball - Can into relevant? Show MoreShow Fewer



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