Texasball is a state of the USA-icon USAball. He is possibly one of the most conservative American stateball ever. He is possibly also one of the most likely to secede from USA-icon USAball, due to his rebellious personality. He is a rather trigger happy fellow, even for an American state.

Texasball is sometimes seen wearing shades and his iconic hat. He may also have a Colt Peacemaker, a Winchester rifle, or a shotgun.


Texas-icon Texasball was born as 3-icon 3ball until he was adopted by Spain-icon Spainball and later Mexico-icon Mexicoball. He then gained independence for 10 years and those ten years were spent deciding if he should Join the United states which he did join USA-icon USAball in 1845.



  • USA-icon USAball (Father)(sometime)- Father and former Civil War enemy, and is still steamed about his confusion with Chile-icon Chileball, he also won't let me move out. But ever since Harvey, don't even think I'm ready yet. but you legalized LGBT THO AND I DON'T LIKE IT REEEEEEEEEEE
  • California-icon Californiaball(sometimes) - Liberal younger brother, ideological opposite. Argues with alot, but is just frenemy. We will protect each other from threats. Your Dodgers never had a chance against my Astros, 'cause they won the World Series! We also both want independence from USA-icon This guy. We will split up the states inbetween each other once we both into independence.
  • NewMexico-icon New Mexicoball - Younger brother (he used to be my clay)
  • Colorado-icon Coloradoball - Younger brother (also a bit of him used to be my clay), somewhat a moderate between me and Californiaball. Though he gets annoyed sometimes when Californiaball and I both invade his clay, and he likes weed.
  • Other Southernballs- half brothers (CSA-icon special former relationship)
  • All other Stateballs - Half brothers
  • Chihuahua-icon Chihuahuaball, Coahuila-icon Coahuilaball, Nuevo León-icon Nuevo Leónball, Tamaulipas-icon Tamaulipasball - Mexican stateballs that send too many drugs and immigrants over the Rio Grande.
  • UK-icon UKball - Grandfather tell dad to gib me a gun this christmas plox
  • Spain-icon Spainball - Grandmother
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Adoptive uncle that has a lot in common with Texas-iconTexasball. They wear silly hats, have funny accents, have very big egos, etc. But annoyingly his son, Western Australiaball, is even bigger than me and the darn Alaska put together!
  • Queensland-icon Queenslandball - Australian Texas
  • Western Cape-icon Western Capebal - African Texas
  • All other Angloballs - Adoptives aunts and uncles
  • Alberta-icon Albertaball - My cousin who is a lot like me, so we are friends.
  • Tennessee-icon Tennesseeball - Thanks for helping free me from Mexico-icon Mexicoball. (Sometimes) We also both like bluegrass


  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball (Sometimes) - Never forget 1846 or Alamo!And stop sending illegal immigrants. (Mexicoball: Texas, Join me and we will defeat the gringo!!! Texasball: Never!!! My father USA, said that you are evil, Latino scum!!! Mexicoball: El gringo never told you the truth? NO, YO SOY TU PADRE!!!! Texasball: No, No, It can be truth!!! Mexicoball: Search tu felling hijos!!! Texasball: NOOOOOOO).
  • Chile-icon Chileball - FLAG STEALER! KTVT
  • Colombia-icon Colombiaball - Stop sending drugs
  • Alaska-icon Alaskaball- 1959 worst day of my life! (Not part of contiguous USAball, you don't count as biggest!)
  • California-icon Most Liberal state(sometimes)-Dang Liberals! We are both ideological opposites and we often argue during elections but at the end of the day we are friends. STOP TRYING TO TURN ME INTO A DARN LIBRUL. DON'T MAKE ME GO ALL CHUCK NORRIS ON YOUR A**!!!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Alaska is yours you commie.. oh wait your not a commie but still a big idiot you are why Im smaller than Alaska!!!!!

Major Cityballs

  • Austin-icon (flag 1) Austinball - Liberal Capitalball that's populated with California-icon Californian implants. It’s somehow best place to live in America. Also needs a new flag.
  • Houston-icon Houstonball - Largest cityball in the state and only big cityball that can into Gulf of Mexico.
  • Dallas-icon Dallasball - Dem cowboys became urbanized. Sterotypical Texan city the rest of the world sees.
  • San Antonio-icon San Antonioball - One of Texas's oldest cities. Ball is life, and so are Tacos.
  • El Paso-icon El Pasoball - Sketchy, haunted Mexican cityball in the great Texan outback. Ugly duckling of Texan cityballs
  • Fort Worth-icon Fort Worthball - Dallasball's less relevant twin that is famous for its stockyards (Psst! Don't ever mention Dallas!)
  • Rio Grande Valley - Just like El Paso, but has more Mexicans
  • College Station-IconCollege Stationball - Can into relevant? Show MoreShow Fewer



USA's family tree. The black lines represent biological relationships and the red adoptive relationships.

Mexican family tree

Mexico's family tree. The black lines represent biological relationships and the red adoptive relationships.