This page is an (incomplete) list of the vocabulary and terminology of the Polandball universe and comics, and their origin.

ReichTimeAustriaHungarytangle-icon Anschluss 🔊

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The Anschluss has been halted...For now...

Originally a Nazi propaganda term used to refer to the annexation of Austria-iconAustriaball into Nazi-iconNazi Germanyball, it is used by Germany-iconGermanyball and ReichTimeReichtangle when taking clay of other countries. This is displayed when the former features characteristics of the latter. It has been temporarily banned from the Polandball Reddit ('Joke Life Preserve' process), though it still makes regular appearances on Facebook-iconFacebook from time to time.

The phrase is infrequently followed by zeit.

There are anschluss forms for other countries. For example, Braziltangle-iconBrazilian Empireball uses "ãoxluss".

DickRhino-icon Börk 🔊

Börk is a meaningless word that originated from the Muppets Show Swedish Chef1. It has no actual meaning, as it was just supposed to sound Swedish-like and nothing else.

When it was integrated into the meme, this word has been used to define an exclamation made by a country, each of the latter having its own version, listed here below.

Several comics have been made about Sweden infecting other countries with börk and turning them into zombies, thus triggering the Börkpocalypse.

Main article: [Börk] - BOOK THE BOOK OF BÖRK BOOK






Countries like their typical foods


Sometimes, in Polandball comics (often as an insult; i.e. remove _____) countries are referred to as typical foods from that country. This originated from calling Turkish people (and later the whole Muslim world in general) 'kebab', from the 'Remove Kebab' copypaste. Here is a list in alphabetical order:


Exclamations / Swearings


Usually, countries exclamate and swear in their own language, but there are some exceptions like Israel-icon Israelcube, who mainly shouts "Oy vey". The mostly known swear is Kurwa that literally means b*tch, f*ck, sh*t, or wh*ore in the Polish language.

Italic text for Autonomous Region

Other exclamations include:


  • Orange Free State-iconTransvaal-icon Dutch and Afrikaans Speakers in South Africa - Afrikaans is die beste, Suid-Afrikaanse kolonie moet hulself fuck!


Kawaii is a state of Japanball. It is a term for when it is interested in adorable things, and illustrates this by wearing appropriate garbs, such as cat ears or a furry tail. It is often joked about as contageous, and a manipulative phase in a new Japanese Empireball uprising.

Many artists in the Facebook Polandball community, such as Nalali are famous there for drawing different varieties of countryballs in this fashion. It is considered "cancer" by a strong following of them.


Here are distinctive laughs of some Polandball characters.


Relevance is a Polandball term used for saying (political, historical and economical) importance of a particular country. It can also refer to the size of that country.

A common joke is small countries and micronations pretending, or trying to be relevant, mostly Sealandball.


Almost all countries greet each other in their own language but there are some exceptions like Brazil-icon Brazilball (and some Lusosphere in some occasions) who say "Huello" or "Hue-llo" instead of "Bom dia" due to their overwhelming Hue, or use "Helloing" by the Broken English speakers.

In other cases, greeting also uses when each country can into Anschluss mode.


Polandball comics will sometimes include special dialects in sentences. Here are some commonly used ones. In Polandball all countries speaks the names of other countries mixing English with own native language.

  • Canada-icon Canada says "Eh?" a lot, positive, neutral, and negatively
  • Singapore-icon Singapore ends a sentence of exclamation, question or anger in "lah/leh/sia/hor/meh/lor etc"
  • North Korea-icon North Korea ends a sentence with "sumida"
  • Japan-icon Japan ends nearly every sentence in "desu"
  • Brazil-icon Brazil and the Lusosphere When you want to say "Hello", it might become "Hue-llo", due to the Hue thing going on.
  • Aztec-icon Any Aztec related kingdoms (sometimes also Maya-icon Mayaball) will end almost every word in "tl", like "Hellotl".
  • Most Asian countryballs (especially China-icon Chinaball and Japan-icon Japanball) turn all 'l's into 'r's and vice versa.
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball turns all 'g's into 'h's.
  • Italy-icon Italyball adds -a or -o to most words.
  • Countryballs in the Middle East (including Syria-icon Syriaball, Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball and Egypt-icon Egyptball) add al- in front of words.
  • Coolbal adds all- in front of words like “Alliance”.

Polandball grammar

Can into

This phrase means that a certain country can achieve to get something. Notable examples are:

  • Poland-icon Poland can into space. This is NOT a joke.
  • France-icon France, Portugal-icon Portugal, Spain-icon Spain, and UK-icon UK can into colonization.
  • Afghan-icon Afghanistan, Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan-icon Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan-icon Pakistan, Tajik-icon Tajikistan, Turkmen-icon Turkmenistan, and Uzbek-icon Uzbekistan can into -stan.
  • England-icon England, Finland-icon Finland, Iceland-icon Iceland, Ireland-icon Ireland, Netherlands-icon Netherlands, New Zealand-icon New ZealandNorthern Ireland-icon Northern Ireland, Poland-icon Poland, Scotland-icon ScotlandSwitzerland-icon Switzerland, and Thailand-icon Thailand can into -land.

Cannot into

This phrase means that a certain country can't achieve to get something. Notable examples are:

  • Greece-icon Greece (and any poor country) cannot into monies [1]
  • Bolivia-icon Bolivia, Mongolia-icon Mongolia, Serbia-icon Serbia, Uzbek-icon Uzbekistan, Belarus-icon Belarus, Ethiopia-icon (division) Ethiopia and San Marino-icon San Marinoball cannot into sea
  • Latvia-icon Latvia cannot into potato
  • Estonia-icon Estonia cannot into Nordic
  • PuertoRico-icon Puerto Rico cannot into state
  • UK-icon United Kingdom, Turkey-icon Turkey,Ukraine-icon Ukraine and Macedonia-icon Macedonia cannot into EU-icon EU
  • USA-icon USA cannot into healthy
  • Any Separatism-icon separatist state cannot into independence or cannot into UN-icon UN(however some of them were succesfully seceded)
  • Any divided country (like South Korea-icon South Korea and North Korea-icon North Korea) cannot into unification
  • Argentina-icon Argentina cannot into Falkland
  • Germany-icon Germany cannot into humor or into box
  • Russia-icon Russia cannot into sobriety
  • Kazakh-icon Kazakhstan or any countries start with K cannot into BRICS-icon BRICS
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlands cannot into abandon marijuana or hills (except Limburg-icon Limburgball)
  • Myanmar-icon Myanmar cannot into Börk
  • Philippines-icon Philippines cannot into Asian culture
  • Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijan cannot into -stan
  • Malaysia-icon Malaysia cannot into safe airlines
  • Slovenia-icon Slovenia cannot into Germanic Europe
  • China-icon China cannot into clean environment
  • India-icon India cannot into toilet
  • EU-icon EU cannot into Norway-icon Norway and Switzerland-icon Switzerland
  • Bhutan-icon Bhutan cannot into sad
  • Chile-icon Chile cannot into dictionary
  • Canada-icon Canada and Australia-icon Australia cannot into republic
  • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kong cannot into beatings of Singapore-icon Singapore
  • Japan-icon Japan, China-icon China, Vietnam-icon Vietnam, Mongolia-icon Mongolia or any other balls with slanted eyes cannot into open their eyes
  • Israel-icon Israel, Kazakh-icon Kazakhstan, Singapore-icon Singapore, Nepal-icon Nepal and any non-ball shaped cannot into ball.
  • East Timor-icon Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea-icon Papua New Guinea cannot into ASEAN-icon ASEAN
  • Corsica-icon Corsica cannot into French culture
  • Pennsylvania-icon Pennsylvania cannot into YouTube celebrities
  • North Korea-icon North Korea cannot into peace.

British cannot intos

  • Derbyshire-icon Derbyshire cannot into bakewell
  • Bedfordshire-icon Bedfordshire cannot into sea
  • Staffordshire-icon Staffordshire cannot into tourist
  • Cornwall-icon Cornwall cannot into pasty
  • England-icon England cannot into city
  • Scotland-icon Scotland cannot into highland or independence
  • Wales-icon Wales cannot into Union Jack
  • Any divided county like West Sussex-icon West Sussex and East Sussex-icon East Sussex cannot into unification
  • Any district councils cannot into independence
  • Northamptonshire-icon Northamptonshire cannot into very famous people

Micronations cannot intos

  • Sealand-icon Sealand cannot into relevance

Historical cannot intos

  • Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empire cannot into Japan, Southeast Asia and South Asia
  • Nazi-icon Napoleonic-icon Nazi Germany and First French Empire cannot into Russia
  • Umayyad-icon Umayyad Caliphate cannot into France
  • Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empire cannot into Austria


It means land. For example, Polandball often complains to Russiaball for stealing his clay and horses.

This term originated in a YouTube video (broken) posted ranting against Kebab from Serbiaball's point of view. It is from the 'Remove Kebab' copypasta. The video gave Bosniaball one chance to give back Serbia's righteous clay.

stupid baby form the eggn give bak our clay we will crush u lik a skull of pig. serbia greattst countrey
— Remove kebab copypasta, origin of 'clay'

"Clay" is probably the result of a literal bad (machine) translation of the word "land" (as in piece of land) from Serbian to English.


It means "Soccer"
NOTE: This does not apply to any USAball related pages


Germanyball Euro

German imperative for give. Very common phrases are gib clay or gib sea or gib money. Gib sea is frequently used by landlockeds (Austriaball, Boliviaball, Hungaryball, Paraguayball, San Marinoball, Switzerlandball, Serbiaball, Uzbekistanball,...) Often used by Gypsyball and Greeceball(due to debt).


The typical laugh of Brazilball and also of the Lusosphere. [2][3]

Remove HUE is equivalent to the more correct form Remove Feijoada.


It's the symbol of broken English. It's often put in random places or, more frequently, after the verb to be.


It means please.

Pay de(n)bts

Often satirized in Polandball is the fact that many countries owe many other countries money via the International Monetary Fund. Contrary to the popular stereotype of the USAball owing many countries money; due to Polandball's natural eurocentrism, it often involves other countries of Europe owing money to one another. A more popular example is Greeceball owing Germanyball money, and constantly (and successfully) begging for more.


Sometimes, make is put in front of verbs often like making or makes. Also this word is Makemakeball's Börk


An English word formed if you combine strong with drunk.


Broken English spelling of you. Everybody cannot say you, except countries that has no accent or the inventor of the English language.


Usually, it could mean countries that like homosexuals or transgender people, or countries that recognize them and don't discriminate against them, with a well-known example being Swedenball and if a country cannot into gender or does not want into gender, they don't recognize homosexuals or transgenders as good, and often discriminates them by using religion, and popular examples of anti-homosex/homogay/gender countries would be Russiaball, Polandball, or Vaticanball. Overall, it just means LGBT people or countries that like the LGBT community. In Polandball, homosex, homogay, and gender basically mean the same thing.

Rage text

Macedonias Bickering

Rage text is a minor feature of the meme where a country, usually floating, insults with text on its behind. The text is always uppercase and usually red, mixed with "Remove" and various swear words. Sometimes used for Talking crap but without letters uppercase and red. It can be seen in the 2010 cultural heritage cook off when Trisan de cunha was talking With Lebanon.

Strikethrough text

This type of text represent jokes and common misconceptions.
An example of a Strikethrough text is this:

Uranusball is gross

In order to put a Strikethrough text: put <s>Insert text here</s>

Blanda upp/Polandball Fusions


"Blanda upp" is mean "Blend up" in Swedish. This feature is VERY RECENT. Basically, it is two or more countries uniting or fusioning to make a new country. Here are the current ones:

Poland is not yet lost

Polen is not yet lost

Poland is not yet lost is a term used by Poland when he is lost or some countries talking about someone missing in Polandball. It became a meme because Poland is not yet lost is also the 1st verse of Poland's anthem.