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Templar Orderball is historical knight order.

How to draw Edit

Templar Orderball is simple to draw:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Color its upper half of black
  3. Add a red cross in the center
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.
Israel-icon Oy Vey Israel Israel-icon
District capitals Jerusalem-iconJerusalemcubeNazareth-iconNazarethcubeHaifa-iconHaifacubeRamla-iconRamlacubeTel Aviv-iconTel AvivcubeBeersheba-iconBeershebacube
Other cities Bat Yam-iconBat YamcubeRamat Gan-iconRamat GancubeGivatayim-iconGivatayimcubeHolon-iconHoloncubeModiin-iconModiincubeEliat-iconEilatcubeTiberias-iconTiberiascube
Former entities Kingdom of Israel-iconKingdom of IsraelcubeKingdom of Israel-iconKingdom of SamariacubeKingdom of Judah-iconKingdom of JudahcubeYehud-iconYehudcubeHerodian-iconHerodiancubeSPQR-iconIudeaballMutasarrifate of Jerusalem-icon Mutasarrifate of JerusalemcubeBritish Palestine-icon British Palestinecube
Where two Jews, three opinions.
Papal States-icon Deus Vult! The warriors that fought for the Holy Land! Templar Order-icon
Mediterranean                County of Edessa-icon County of EdessaballPrincipality of Antioch-icon Principality of AntiochballKingdom of Jerusalem-icon Kingdom of Jerusalemball (Principality of Galilee-icon Principality of GalileeballCounty of Jaffa and Ascalon-icon County of Jaffa and AscalonballLordship of Oultrejordain-icon Lordship of OultrejordainballLordship of Sidon-icon Lordship of Sidonball) • County of Tripoli-icon County of TripoliballCilicia-icon Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball aLatin Empire-icon Latin Empireball (Duchy of Philippopolis-icon Duchy of Philippopolisball) • Kingdom of Thessalonica-icon Kingdom of ThessalonicaballDuchy of Athens-icon Duchy of Athensball (Marquisate of Bodonitsa-icon Marquisate of Bodonitsaball) • Principality of Achaea-icon Principality of Achaeaball (Lordship of Argos and Nauplia-icon Lordship of Argos and Naupliaball) • Duchy of Neopatria-icon Duchy of NeopatriaballDuchy of the Archipelago-icon Duchy of NaxosballLatin Empire-icon Triarchy of NegroponteballKingdom of Sicily-icon County palatine of Cephalonia and ZakynthosballLordship of Chios-icon Lordship of ChiosballVenice-icon Republic of Veniceball (Kingdom of Candia-icon Kingdom of CandiaballVenetian Ionian Islands-icon Venetian Ionian Islandsball) • Kingdom of Cyprus-icon Kingdom of CyprusballHospitaller-icon Hospitaller Maltaball

Baltics                Dobrzyn Land-icon Dobrzyń LandballCross-icon Terra Marianaball (Denmark-icon Denmarkball (Duchy of Estonia-icon Duchy of Estoniaball) • Archbishopric of Riga-icon Archbishopric of RigaballBishopric of Courland-icon Bishopric of CourlandballBishopric of Dorpat-icon Bishopric of DorpatballBishopric of Ösel-Wiek-icon Bishopric of Ösel-WiekballLivonian Order-icon Livonian Orderball)Teutonic-icon State of the Teutonic Orderball (Bishopric of Culm-icon Bishopric of CulmballBishopric of Pomesania-icon Bishopric of PomesaniaballPrince-Bishopric of Warmia-icon Bishopric of ErmlandballBishopric of Samland-icon Bishopric of Samlandball)
a Cilicia-icon Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball had its origins before the Crusades, but was granted the status of a kingdom by the
Papal States-icon Papal Statesball, and later became fully westernized by the Kingdom of France-icon Kingdom of Franceball.

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