First appearance of Tel-Avivcube, as the one who wants to kill Bat-Yamcube and take his lands and monies.

Tel-Avivcube (officially known as Tel-Aviv-Yafocube) is a cityball, capital of Israel Tel Aviv District. Tel-Avivcube is known for its imperial ambitions to conquer the whole district, using the kindness of its step-father, Israel-icon Israelcube, so it can easily turn into Tel-Avivtangle.

Tel-Avivcube was Ottoman-icon Ottomanball's son until UK-icon UKball owned the kebab in World War 1. 3 years after World War 2, Israel-icon Israelcube was founded and adopted the cube.

A Brief History

>people got tired from yafoball.

>they created Ahuzat-Bayitcube.

>changed their name to "Tel-Avivcube" after a year.

>they had a war with yafoball

>yafoball surrendered.

>yafoball was a part of Tel-Avivcube for a while.

>Tel-Avivcube cancelled yafoball and took most of clay.

>give rest to Bar-Yamcube and Holoncube.

>took every place that was of Palestineball.

>created a university on it.

>now they have towers.


Tel-Avivcube is well known for his imperialist ambitions, that brings huge hate towards the cube, mostly Bat-Yamcube. Tel-Avivcube likes diplomacy and entertainment.



  • Israelcube - His step-father, kind and give monies.
  • All of Israelcube's friends - diplomacy is good.


  • Jerusalemcube - Oh, they're the biggest city! not us!! And our football team (soccer), Maccabi Tel Aviv, is better than Beitar Jerusalem!!!! And I am the true capital city!!!
  • Bat-Yamcube - was founded to get Tel Aviv mad, refuses to give him lands.
  • Rishoncube - they did plot to conquer me with Bat-Yamcube, but then papa divided them in districts. Still angry because has more lands than me!!
  • New Delhiball - Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station Largest Bus Station, Millennium Park Bus Depot is just of GLORIFIED PARKING LOT!
  • All of kebabs [exc. some Yafoball kebabs] - second intifada wasn't good