"Siara! Siara!"

Tarnobrzegball is city in Polandball. Likes football and his lake. He hates Stalowawolaball and Stalowawolaball's football team. Rzeszówball is his friend. His dad is Tarnówball. In 1918-1919 he was a free country. He's place is in Subcarpathian Voivodeship



Rzeszówball - Im only using him to buy stuff because he has MALLS!

Sandomierzball - Good neighbour and he likes Siarka Tarnobrzeg!

Tarnówball - Daddy!


Stalowa Wolaball - U stupid dummie! Im better than u in soccer u stupid! Die! I hate you so much! Die! JEBAĆ ZKS! ZKS JEBAŁ PIES! STALOWA MIASTO PEDAŁÓW! I hate you.

Germanyball - 1939...

RussiaBall - Hieronim Dekutowski...

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