Tanzaniaball is the birthplace of Freddie Mercury an East African republic, full of wildlife. He can into the highest mountain in Africa. He also can into slaughtering albinos


The Tanzanian territory was firstly inhabited by 8-icon 8ball, these became Bantu-icon Bantuball. Its first high developed settler was the Sultanate of Muscatball in Zanzibar-icon Zanzibarball. German Empire-icon German Empireball settled the continental land, instead. This latter was given to UK-icon UKball after World War I. The Omani territory became independent as Sultanate of Zanzibar-icon Sultanate of Zanzibarball.

In 1961, Tanganyika-icon Tanganyikaball became independent from UK-icon British colonization and, in 1964, united with Zanzibar-icon Zanzibarball, that was a PR Zanzibar-icon People's Republic, to form a united country, Tanzania.

Because of its Swahili roots, Tanzaniaball plans to form EAC-icon East African Federationball too, among with Kenya-icon Kenyaball and others.