Tanzaniaball is an East African republic, full of wildlife.


The Tanzanian territory was firstly inhabited by 8-icon 8ball, these became Bantu-icon Bantuball. Its first high developed settler was the Sultanate of Muscatball in Zanzibar-icon Zanzibarball. German Empire-icon German Empireball settled the continental land, instead. This latter was given to UK-icon UKball after World War I. The Omani territory became independent as Sultanate of Zanzibar-icon Sultanate of Zanzibarball.

In 1961, Tanganyika-icon Tanganyikaball became independent from UK-icon British colonization and, in 1964, united with Zanzibar-icon Zanzibarball, that was a PR Zanzibar-icon People's Republic, to form a united country, Tanzania.

Because of its Swahili roots, Tanzaniaball plans to form East African Federationball too, among with Kenya-icon Kenyaball and others.