The Talibanball is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement active in Afghanistan and Pakistan (but more involved in Afghanistan since Afghanistan doesn't support it). After the 9/11 attacks, the Taliban went to war against USAball and it's allies. Talibanball emerged out of a religious school whose members were called Talibs.


The UNball and the world hates him and wants to defeat him.

  • Al-Qaedaball - Best(only) friend
  • ISISball - Friend
  • Afghanistanball - YOU TRAITOR
  • USAball - CIA created me, funded me, trained me. and you should be expecting a backlash! All those innocent lives were killed because of you!
  • UKball - another enemy!
  • Iraqball - we'll watch them
  • Pakistanball - We also operate in their northwest. NO GIRLS EDUCATION FOR YOU!
  • Indiaball - If you are not muslim I KILL U!! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! but tanks for the funding and weapons but u only do it cuz of Pakistan so I KILL U!
  • Russiaball - I'm not sure (But if Afghan accpect my kindness to him then I´m of helping Afghan Fucking Taliban).
  • Soviet Unionball - You have to pay what you did to me though.
  • NepalRawr - REMOVE GURKHA! You are disgrace to my army! It should be easy to destroy you, but why can't I?!!
  • Chinaball - Free Xinjiang you communist oppressor!
  • Germanyball - NOT attack my friend YOU DUMMKOPF
  • South Koreaball - a friend of the US is OUR ENEMYYYY!
  • Philippinesball - USA's indoctrinated son! ENEMY!!!! Hates the ISIS!!!! I SUPPORT bangsamoroball
  • Saudi Arabiaball - one of the only countries to recognize me. He gave me funds and arms.
  • Buddhismball - blasphemous religion! I destroyed your Bamiyan buddhas!

Countries that Recognized The Taliban


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