Tajikistan is a countryball in Central Asia. Often times, some people - including USA-iconUS mistakes Bolivia-iconBoliviaball orHungary-icon Hungaryball for Tajikistanball, but sometimes he is also mistaken for Kurdistan-icon Kurdistanball for many reasons.


Nothing much is known about Tajikistan because he is small and irrelevant. He is Poor but his Economies is slowly growing thanks to his BFFsChina-icon China and Russia-iconRussia.Tajikistan also has relationships with Kurdistan but unlike Kurdistan, he likes kebab.

Because he was once a part of the USSR, he retains parts of Russia's personality.


Tajikistan was once part of glorious Sogdian Empire and Bactria and was Zoroastrian and Buddhist before the Arabs invaded his Country. He later used to reign the First Iranian Muslim Empire as Samanid. Later on, he was annexed by Afghans/Persians, China and especially Turko-Mongolic Empire, that why he has some Turkish Words. Finally, he was conquered by Russia and worked with him. He later became part of the USSR and now he is independent. Tajikistan was not always that poor, in fact, he used to be one of the richest Countries in Asia and the richest in Central Asia

He has many links with Kurdistanball, one of them being his Kurmanji dialect which includes many Turkish & Persian words are one of the main reason. Kurds itself think they understand better together than with other Kurds. Another think is also he's Flag and that they are both Aryan-Iranian Brothers and also they're part of Iran-iconglorious Persian/Aryan Empire and some are still Zoroastrian but a majority is still Sunni Muslim. Another reason is that both dislike File:Turkmenistan-icon.pngKababstan. Also, Kurdistan sees him as the only Sunni friend that never backstabbed him.

Despite all this, there are some things that are different. For example, he does not hate Turkeyball that much and Tajikistanball also wants to be part of Iranball and also many Tajiks convert to Shia Islam despite he knows that he hates Islam but also some Convert to Zoroastrianism like Kurdistanball


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