Szekelylandball is a historical regionball of Hungary-icon Hungaryball but currently a separatist countryball of Romania-icon Romaniaball. He is of Romania-icon Romaniaball since 1918.

He wants to be an autonomous region or part of Hungary-icon Hungaryball again, but he is always too shy to tell Romania-icon Romaniaball about it, so he always has to ask Hungary-icon Hungaryball for help. Romania-icon Romaniaball always tries to destroy his Hungarian culture, language and traditions.

How to draw

Drawing Szekelylandball is fairly easy:

  1. Color the circle with dark blue
  2. Draw a gold horizontal band through the circle.
  3. Draw a gold eight-pointed star and a silver moon on the upper-right corner
  4. Add eyes and done


Interesting stuff

He has exactly the same eight-pointed star in his flag as Mordoviaball.


During the Hungarian conquest of Transylvaniaball in 10th to 12th centuries, Hungaryball hired Germaniaball mercenaries to fight on the front lines. At the end of the conquest he gave them clay in Transylvaniaball.

During the middle ages there were 4 main ethnic groups in Transylvaniaball: Hungaryball who owned the clay, Saxonyball who were also of Germaniaball but they were mostly traders and they still spoke German, Szekelylandball who were the former mecercenaries now with clay and Romaniaball who had no rights.

In 1918 Romaniaball took Transylvaniaball and ever since he struggles to become autonomous or part of Hungaryball again.