Why weren't yuo of neutral?
— Switzerland
One of the unhated nations due to its neutrality.

Switzerlandball is a neutral countryball located in Europe. It represents the Swiss Confederation. Switzerlandball is known for its neutrality, cheese, chocolate, lakes, mountains, gold, banks and clocks. It is very rich and cares a lot about its money.

Switzerland's father was Holy Roman Empireball and Switzerland's brothers and sisters are Germany-icon Germanyball,Austria-icon Austriaball, France-icon Franceball, Italy-icon Italyball, and Liechtenstein-icon Liechtensteinball who is also its best friend. Before it was neutral Switzerlandball had very good mercenaries which lead to destruction of Duchy of Burgundy-icon Burgundyball, its former enemy.

Switzerland is sometimes mocked for its cross, mainly by Polandball which according to one comic led to Blitzkrieg.

Switzerland's nickname is Switzi or Switzy and Switzerland is known to dislike Christmas trees because of Operation Tannenbaum, where Germany tried to anschluss Switzerland. Switzerland sometimes wears an apple on its head which refers to William Tell a famous Swiss hero.

Switzerland is sometimes portrayed as a nurse, due to his symbolic cross.


Friends (Everyone except those who attack him)



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