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Sweden-icon Sweden

Swedenball is a countryball located in Northern Europe. He can into EU-icon European Union (EU), but is not NATO-icon NATO liked. He can into Turkey-icon kebab, Nobel prize, and is a father of the creator of the 3rd most popular game ever, Minecraft. Also in 2016, He released Battlefield 1, taking the second spot in best games of 2016.

Sweden's relationships are rough with Denmark-icon Denmarkball and his friends Norway-icon Norwayball, Iceland-icon Icelandball, Faroe-icon Faroeball, Greenland-icon Greenlandball and Russia-icon Russiaball for a long time (since the VIKING ERA). These days they get along well enough, but may still get into fights.

Sweden has become the quintessential "liberal utopia" and hasn't been at war for more than 200 years, which is something he is proud of (But he struggles every day against the temptation of having a Viking relapse). He has found a way to be neutral in every major war since World War 1.

Because of this status, Sweden is sometimes portrayed as overly-tolerant and sensitive, preferring to become a homosexual gender-neutral little butterfly who is accepting of all countries (even when some of them, like Somalia-icon Somaliaball, begin to override him).

Although he does sometimes get sad thinking about his peace, love and tolerance, as it exists because he didn't save Aland-icon Ålandball, his daughter when Finland-icon Finlandball (as he was still being angry at Swedenball) fought against Soviet-icon Sovietball.

However, Sweden has another dark side: The Carolean era. Sometimes, in the dark nights of Scandinavia, his most evil thoughts can come by the magical barrier inside his head. If then he becomes a killing machine, feared by even Russia, and one day, this might be unleashed and the friendly Sweden may become the next great threat to Europe. (well, Swedes think it's great at least)

Her birthday is 6th of June and her Zodiac sign is Gemini.


Sweden was pillaging with his brothers and sisters in Europe for a long time, back when he was a Viking. Swedish Vikings mainly travelled east to Miklagård, Serkland and Österled, but also took part in expeditions towards Western Europe. Sweden was the last Nordic country to be Christianized, because Sweden was very believer of the Norse Paganism, his Uppsala Temple was even a hub of pagan activities. Also Sweden is the Nordic Country with the most of Runic Inscriptions.

When he got back to home he started to fight his sisters and brothers. After a lot of fighting Denmark forced him to join the Kalmar Union. A few centuries later Sweden rebelled against Denmark and became an independent kingdom again in the 16th century, and also decided to become Protestant, though it was mainly to take all the money that the churches in Sweden had been collecting. Sweden fought many wars and took more and more clay, however that ended when he was defeated by Russia, and lost Estonia and Finland.

Sweden stayed neutral during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, but didn't stay completely out of it like he did in World War 1, as he took care of Jewish refugees from countries who were about to be invaded (such as Denmark), sent food and supplies to Finland during the Winter War, allowed Naziball to go through Sweden on his way home on vacation from guard duty in Norway, and provided iron for Naziballs weapons.

In mordern days Sweden owns the global furniture company BÖRKEA IKEA, and has made many video and computer games, and many of them have themes such as war and torture (such as Battlefield and Amnesia and World in Conflict, in some cases Minecraft) to fuel his need for violence, as he is a pacifistic country now (but he fights very day against his king desires and fears a Viking relapse) he now is a very politically correct country with many kebabs around, he is proud over his Viking ancestry but has to hide it otherwise SJW's will get angry at him. He also has many subscribers on YouTube.

SH also invented dynamite! BÖRK.

Sweden highly legalizes LGBT. He is one the few European balls that take correctly care of immigrants. By doing so he is allowing Swedish peoples and immigrants to cohabit peacefully. However this stereotype is in most cases not that true.

Only southwestern Sweden is into kebab and homosexuality, northern and eastern Sweden contains vicious vikings.

Also, Swedenball can into renewable energy. He has the power to turn garbage into electricity.


Sweden is a part of the big Nordic family. Some are brothers, some are adoptive brothers, some are nephews, and some are sisters and adoptive sisters.


  • Finland-icon Finlandball - Swedenball's brother and friend, they've been fighting many of the neighboring countries together and now big rivals in hockey. 1809 never forget!
  • Aland-icon Ålandball- Swedenballs daughter. He left him for Finland when Sweden didn't help her during WW2. IM SORRY OK?
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - DANSKJÄVLAR! Swedenballs brother and oldest enemy, they'vebe en fighting for a long time, and Sweden has been taking a lot of danskjävlarnas clay during the wars. They show a lot of both love (questionable?) and hate (Självklart!) for each other.
  • Norway-icon Norwayball - He has been a part of both his brothers Denmark and Sweden, earning the trust of both of them. However, he is more friendly to Denmark, as their language is more similar and Denmark and Norway were the same country for a longer time compared to Sweden and Norway. He, alongside Denmarkball, likes to annoy Swedenball about his... choices, also ABBA is mine you can even into ABBA
  • Iceland-icon Icelandball - Sweden's nephew who is overly obsessed with vikings.
  • Svalbard-icon Svalbardball - Norway's sis and Swedens sister-in-law, the only Nordic marriage that didn't collapse.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Swedens nephew. He only shows up at Christmas, so Sweden and Grenland don't really know each other at all.(Also very suicidal)

, Greenland-icon Greenlandball and Orkney-icon Orkneyball - no! no! NO! FUCK YUO

  • Scania-icon Scaniaball - Swedens nephew, Denmarks child. She and the clay where she lived was taken by Sweden after a war with Denmark. During the first hundred years she and Sweden were even bigger enemies than Denmark and Sweden but eventually got along with Sweden. In these days she gets along with the kebabs too well, and Sweden doesn't like that.
  • Västergötland-icon Västergötlandball - One of Sweden's children. His personality is a lot like Germany's (wörk, börk, wörk!)
  • Småland-icon Smålandball - Another of Sweden's children, Scaniaball's half-brother. He is known for his work in discovering and coming up with names for many plants around the world. He also invented IKEA.
  • Norrland-icon Norrlandball - Swedenballs Daugther, Smålandballs sister and Scaniaballs half-sister. Norrlandball and Swedenball has a love/hate relationship, where Norrlandball is sometimes proud to be swedish, but still, wants to be independent. Swedenball doesn't like Norrlandballs relationship with Finlandball, as Norrlandball seems to have adapted Finlandballs sadness and drinking behaviour.
  • Öland-icon Ölandball - Daughter to Smålandball (and therefore quite young) but now independent. One of the Islands of Sweden and known for his warm climate and appreciation of kroppkakor.
  • Gotland-icon Gotlandball - Ölandball's bigger-sister known for her weird accent and attachment to sheep.


  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Can into leaglize LGBT and he is my Liberal and socialist friend.
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - Adoptive brother and he hates Russia but we are hockey rivals.
  • Norway-icon Norwayball - Nice brother.
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball (Sometimes) - Neutral brother. We are good friends as of today but we fought a lot back in the past. And she still rables about me taking her clay.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - He let me into EUball and he also can into allowing kebabs into his clay.
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Ally and good friend and i help him when he is in trouble by his enemies (Serbiaball)
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball - She love Farang! she thinks farang = ATM more than 300,000 Swedes visit Thailand every year.
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - So, you think you like saying HUE? My is BÖRKing.


  • USA-icon USAball - He can into legalize LGBT!But "unfortunatly" he is conservative and hates political correctness. But I like his cars. Even he is sexist too


  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Was of false alarm move all along. *Flashback*: I tried to invade Ryssland once, but ended up getting my BÖRK frozen.
  • Denmark-icon Danskjävlar (Sometimes) - Stop rambling about me stealing your clay or else I will conquer you with my Börks! BÖRK! BÖRK! BÖRK! BÖRK!
  • Chile-icon Chileball - Hates me because I have more subscribers on Youtube! PEWDIEPIE STRONK!
  • Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball - YUO OF TERRORIST! Yuo of kill börk using truck through Stockholm. Will not of stand. BÖÖÖÖRK! That is so racist to say of me, but you are secular.
  • Somalia-icon Somaliaball - GET OUT FROM MY CLAY! No to terrorist immigrants!
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball - You cannot into Nordic, höhöhö!





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