Sumerball was the first civilization ever who used script, wheels, and cities. He also was the first stronkest civilization, but then Egypt and Rome took his place. He is ancestor of Iraqball.

He wasn't a single country. He was divided between many small city-states.


Sumerball evolved from Middle East 4ball nearly 3400 BC. When he died, he became Babylonball, Akkadianball, and Assyriaball.


Sumerball was known for making the first cities ever.

Predynastic and major cities:

  1. Eriduball
  2. Bad-tibiraball
  3. Larsaball
  4. Sipparball
  5. Shuruppakball

Major and minor cities:

  1. Urukball
  2. Kishball
  3. Nippurball
  4. Lagashball
  5. Girsuball
  6. Ummaball
  7. Hamaziball
  8. Adabball
  9. Mariball
  10. Akshakball
  11. Akkadball (city) (Also the capital of Akkadianball)
  12. Isinball

Minor cities:

  1. Kuaraball
  2. Zabalaball
  3. Kisurraball
  4. Maradball
  5. Dilbatball
  6. Borsippaball
  7. Kuthaball
  8. Derball
  9. Eshnunnaball
  10. Nuggarball

How to draw

All the ancient Middle Eastern countries are based on Sumerball:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this colour
  2. Add two horizontal purple stripes frimbriated of green
  3. Draw the cuneiform script for Sumers in the centre using black
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.