North Sudanball is a Countryball in Saharan Africa.


Early History

Sudanball born as a 8ball. Since then, it has been adopted by Ancient Egyptball. Nubiaball. Arabballs, and Finally UKball.

Modern History

Sudanball was semi-acquired by UKball in 1899. Egyptball and UKball had a system, where they ruled together over Sudanball. Sudanball was always at war with Ethiopian Empireball's tribes. In 1936, Sudanball gained greater autonomy, and eventually gained independence in 1956

South Sudanball Conflicts

South Sudanball (Majorly Christian and Pagan African) and Sudanball (Muslim) have been in harsh conflict ever since Sudanball declared independence. South Sudanball declared independence in 2011.




  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Zionist bombing my clay 1968 and he stole Palestine
  • South Sudan-icon South Sudanball - Fake country made by west. Former clay so war-torn that I of not wantings anymore. Wait, are yuo asking North Korea-icon Crazy Korea to become friends? HaHaHA! Yuo are doomed! At least you are building good ties with Chinaball and Russiaball
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball (Sometimes) - damned egyptians trying to steal my history AND HALA'IB. we wuz kangs and we got pyramids too egypt, although you do want unite sudan, so, not alway enemy.
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - Crimeaball belongs to Russia
  • USA-icon USAball - Don't you dare think about dividing me up into five separate states




Sudanball's doing much better than his southern neighbor. The total GDP is 93.729 billion $, and the GDP per capita is 2,366.970$. His currency is the Sudanese Pound. His economy has an annual growth of 5.8%.

Living Standards

Sudanball is, however, not much better than his southern neighbor in this category. He is ranked 167. in the HDI, only 2 spots above South Sudanball. Thankfully for him though, only 9% of the population is below the poverty line, in contrast to South Sudanball's insanely higher number.