Tonight we dine in HELL!

Spartaball (Also known as Laconiaball) is a historical Greek countryball, famous for the Battle of Thermopylae.


Spartaball was a city-stateball of Ancient Greece-iconAncient Greeceball. He was stronk and kicked Achaemenid-iconPersians asses during the Greco-Persian War.

He was the leader of the Peloponnesian League which fought against the Delian League which was led by Ancient Athens-iconAncient Athensball. This resulted in the Peloponnesian War, in which Sparta-iconSparta won.

His descendant lives on as a small city in Greece-iconGreeceball.

He was in a Movie, which spawned an amazing Meme!

How to draw

Drawing Spartaball is simple:

  1. Draw a red circle
  2. Draw a gold script Λ in the center
  3. Above the Lambda draw some eyes and you're finished.



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