Tonight we dine in HELL!

Spartaball (Also known as Laconiaball) is a historical Greek countryball, famous for the Battle of Thermopylae.


Spartaball was a city-stateball of Ancient Greece-iconAncient Greeceball. He was stronk and kicked Achaemenid-iconPersians asses during the Greco-Persian War.

He was the leader of the Peloponnesian League which fought against the Delian League which was led by Ancient Athens-iconAncient Athensball. This resulted in the Peloponnesian War, in which Sparta-iconSparta won.

His descendant lives on as a small city in Greece-iconGreeceball.

He was in a Movie, which spawned an amazing Meme!  he was undefeatable until he was defeated by thebes because of one of their units of 150 homosexuals, who would kill the enemies to protect their loved one no joke.

How to draw

Drawing Spartaball is simple:

  1. Draw a red circle
  2. Draw a gold script Λ in the center
  3. Above the Lambda draw some eyes and you're finished.



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