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Soviet Sneeze
Lenin lived, Lenin lives and Lenin will live!
Workers of the world, unite!
— USSR Motto and Proud State Anthem

Soviet Unionball, also called as Sovietball, USSRball, CSSRball, or CCCPball was of the first socialist balls. He can into remove capitalist USA-icon burger. He can also into throwings Russian-Empire-icon bourgeoisie traitors into gulag. He was united in 1922 after glorious October Revolution in 1917 and collapsed in 1991. One of his favorite songs is Cоветский марш because although USA-icon his rival created that game, he of believings that he will be of restored. He is of a Drunk fatty...

Soviet Unionball wants to remove capitalist pig (such as USA-icon USAball) unless they into communism and equality. He also hates most religion for oppresing working class , Protestant-icon Protestants, Catholic-icon Catholics, Orthodoxes (sometimes), Islam-icon Mufuck my father sathya kanth pottumarthi venkata he is a fool mad maniac rascal stupid bitch slims, Israel-icon Jews and Buddhism-iconBuddhists. РАССТРЕЛЯТЬ ИХ ВСЕХ!!! Although he trie to be the kind after remove ing Сталин.

It is said that his soul still lingers, influencing Russia-icon Russiaball and waiting to be resurrected.

History Edit

Early History (1917-1939) Edit

Soviet Unionball was born in 1903 as Bolshevikball, the communist son of Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball. He killed his father, Russian Republic-icon Russian Republicball (formerly Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball, until last February), in October 1917 while he was distracted fighting ReichTime Reichtangle and became Russian SFSR-icon Russian SFSRball, but had to defeat traitorous white Menshivikball, UK-icon UKball, USA-icon USAball and various other capitalistballs. He emerged victorious in 1922, and attempted to spread communism into the former territories of his father's empire, such as the newly independent Poland-icon Polandball, who stopped communism's advance into Europe in March 1920 at the Miracle of the Vistula.

In 1922, Russian SFSR-icon Russian SFSRball united with other SFSRballs (Transcaucasian SFSR-iconByelorussian SSRball Transcaucasian SFSRball and Ukrainian SSR-icon Ukrainian SSRball, etc.) to form Soviet Unionball. He was widely ostracized by the Western allies of WWI because they did not trust communist balls, especially USA-icon USAball. His economy was boosted in 1928 by the First Five Year Plan, and managed to advance in science by making a dead dog's head move that one time. In 1929, USA-icon USAball's capitalist economy took a downturn, which pleased Sovietball.

In the 1930s nationalist fever in Ukrainian SSR-icon Ukrainian SSRball made Sovietball take decisive action, by cutting off grain supplies to his clay, and confiscating his clay, and Ukrainian SFSRball experienced the worst famine in modern history in the winter of 1932-33. Meanwhile, just west of his clay, Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball was being aggressive, more so than Sovietball was, so instead of keeping a strong Germany to hold him back, France-icon Franceball established a pact in 1936 with Sovietball, who was involved in Second Spanish Republic-icon Spanish Republicball's internal conflict that year with the Republican faction, which lost to the Nazi-icon Germanyball-supported Fascist faction.

Meanwhile, in 1938, Sovietball had some skirmishes with Japanese-Empire-icon Imperial Japanball's expansion in Manchuria, resulting in a non-aggression pact that year. Meanwhile, Sovietball secretly negotiated a non-aggression pact with Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, splitting up Eastern Europe, especially Polandball's clay. On 1st September 1939, Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball invaded Polandball's clay, followed by Sovietball on the 17th of September, and they met at the agreed demarcation line at Brest-Litovsk, splitting Poland-iconPolandball's clay up. Around this time, Sovietball was setting up gulags in Siberia to send capitalists, and also secret police and kidnapping other countryballs who lived near him, like Estonia-icon Estoniaball, Latvia-icon Lativiaball, Lithuania-iconLithuaniaball, and Moldova-icon Moldovaball, turning them into communist SSRballs,however he raped Moldova-icon Moldovaball that Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball was born. He even tried to annex Finland-iconFinlandball's clay in the Winter War, but was beaten back by the more prepared Finland-icon Finlandball even though Finland-icon Finlandball still surrendered clay to him at the end because logic (Finland-icon Finlandball never got this clay back because Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball attacked Sovietball and Sovietball became part of the Allies).

World War II (1940-45) Edit

In 1941 Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball broke the non-aggression pact and invaded Sovietball's clay with Operation Barbarossa, along with Hungary-icon Hungaryball, and Romania-iconRomaniaball, and later Finland-icon Finlandball. He briefly liberated Ukrainian SSRball, and besieged Leningrad, then reached the outskirts of Moscow by December 1941, but was forced back because of the Russian winter. The more prepared Sovietball took advantage of the delay by reorganizing his army and launching a counter-offensive in the spring, then when Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball tried to take Stalingrad and the Caucasus Mountains, he held out in the city of Stalingrad, then surrounded Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball's forces, trapping them there, and they surrendered in January of 1943, then Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball was defeated at the battle of Kursk, afterwards being forced back, with Sovietball liberating Minsk, Kiev, Warsaw, and reaching Berlin by Feburary 1945, then Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball commited suicide in April or May that year. Afterwards, Sovietball declared war on Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball, who surrendered to USA-icon USAball in September 1945, ending the war.

Cold War (1945-1991) Edit

After World War II, Sovietball instated communist governments in many of the Eastern European countryballs he had liberated, such as Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Romaniaball, and Poland-icon Polandball. The part of Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball's clay he had occupied was given to his adoptive son East Germany-icon East Germanyball, in 1949, and an iron curtain descended across Europe, beginning the Cold War, by NATO-icon NATOball against Sovietball and his friends, who created the Warsaw Pact in 1955. In 1950, Sovietball helped North Korea-icon North Koreaball in the Korean War, then put down rebellions by East Germany-icon East Germanyball and Hungary-iconHungaryball in 1953 and 1956. In 1957 he sent Sputnik I into space, starting the Cold War between himself and USA-iconUSAball, sending himself into space in 1961, but lost being first into moon when USA-icon USAball got there in 1969. However, USAball lost a proxy war to Vietnam-icon North Vietnamball in 1973, and was forced to pull out of South-East Asia.

Sovietball put down rebellions in Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball in 1968, and started a nuclear power program in Kazakh SSR-icon Kazakh SSRbrick clay. He also developed WMDs in 1949, by spying on USA-icon USAball, and developed ICBMs in 1957. This caused some problems with USA-icon USAball in 1962 when Sovietball placed nuclear missiles on the newly-communist Cuba-iconCubaball's clay, leading to the Cuban missile crisis. There was a brief period of detente between USA-icon USAball and Sovietball in the 1970s, signing SALT I in 1972, but this relapsed into cold war in 1979 following Sovietball's invasion of Afghan-icon Afghanistanball's clay. USA-icon USAball then led a boycott of the Moscow Olympic games in 1980.

In 1984, Sovietball led his boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics of USA-iconUSAball, after the recent Able Archer NATO war-games scare in Germany-iconWest Germanyball's clay, and South Korea-icon South Koreaball's jetliner incident earlier the previous year. In 1985, Sovietball installed various freedoms and openess, glasnost and perestroika, but these led to the SSRballs' criticism of his government. In 1986 the Chernobylball disaster affected Beylorussian SSRball's health, and Sovietball's only comfort was USA-icon USAball's capitalist economy taking a downturn in 1987.

By 1989, Sovietball's economy could no longer function properly, and he was forced to withdraw from Afghan-icon Afganistanball's clay. The Eastern Bloc Nations also began to leave the Warsaw Pact, tearing down the Iron Curtain, Hungary-icon Hungaryball in May, then East Germany-icon East Germanyball in November, tearing down the Berlin Wall in November 1989, and by 1990, even some of the SSRballs had started to leave Sovietball. After the August coup in summer 1991, Sovietball died and was succeeded by his biggest son, Russia-icon Russiaball, and 14 other balls, former SSRballs.

Collapse Edit

Sovietball was doing very good but in the 1980's his econemy started to drop. The flaws in the union administration and extensive defence spending caused many of the Socialist Balls inside to protest. Then in 1985 this guy called Gorbachav came and started becoming friends with USA-icon USAball. Gorbachev could have saved Sovietball, but he was 20 years too late and as Sovietball became a heart patient. In 1989 his Warsaw Pactball members started to hate communism and broke off. In 1990 Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball was the first to secceed and so did a few others soon in 1991 after the military coup, Soviet ball got a cardiac arrested and died and all the Sovietball countries broke off.

There are rumors that Sovietball may still exist but has lost many clay and is wearing a white and blue disguise that it a takes of every night and uses not real name and everyone now calls him Russia-icon Russiaball. Although this has been dismissed by USA-icon USAball and Germany-icon Germanyball, Russia-icon Russiaball denies the claims and always say it has into democracy and into Capitalism.

Still think




Neutral/Complicated Edit

  • UK-icon UKball - Soviet Unionball and UKball's relationship is kinda salty after the Crimean War, but were buddies during World War II.
  • USA-icon USAball - Helped Soviet Unionball in World War II with the Naziball invasions, but became my archenemy enemies during the cold war.We fought three proxy wars against each other and tried to see who could into space and moon first.
  • France-icon Franceball - Identical to UKball, but she played fair during the Cold War and she was the only capitalist country whom Soviet Unionball really trusted.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball-Is of communist and real Korea! But you are also juche
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - North Koreaball failed you. But we became friends in 1990.


  • China-icon Chinaball - Salty relationship after the Sino-Soviet split.
  • Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball - FREAKING capitalist, calls himself communist, is neutral and hates me! AND YOU ARE NOT REAL COMMUNIST! SCREW YOU!
  • Germany-icon West Germanyball - Enemy of East Germanyball.
  • Russian-Empire-icon Precommunist Russiaball - Bolshevik Revolution. There.
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - The Winter War.
  • Afghan-icon Afghanistanball - Support from capitalist nations.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Never forgettings 1972.


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